New Years Eve party tomorrow?

OK so tomorrow a friend of mine is having a new years eve/new years party and I am very shy... I have a boyfriend , but I don't know I need help with tips on how to stop being so shy and start being social instead of reserved.


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  • drink. loosens you right up =p


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  • well first of all, I don't know how true this is for you, but a lot of girls are shy because theyre a little self-conscious. throw on a cute outfit, something that makes you feel pretty, and take time to work on a a makeup style that plays up your features. once you have a look that makes you feel confident and sexy, talking to people will be easier. in addition to boosting your confidence, maybe you could try hanging out with your more outgoing friends while at the party. if you stick with a friend who easily makes conversation, you may feel a bit more comfortable chiming in and adding your input. focus on your own positive qualities rather than feeling awkward of insecure. the more you go outside of your comfort zone and encourage yourself to speak up, the easier it will become.