Is there any other way to show him that I like him?

ok there this guy at my school and I really really like him I just started the day before and my current best friend told him at lunch that I had a crush on him aloud so all his friends could hear!and he was at the table next to me and I got all red after I waited a few minutes and started to talk to his friend in the front of of him and in the corner of my eye I see him looking at me and I looked at him and then he looked away real fast and got all figety. I was going to ask him on a date but I'm to afraid to ask him even talk to him! is there any other way to show him that I like him?


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  • Okay so you made a semi big mistake in having your friend tell the guy in front of all of his friends, you probly embarrased him so you need to regain ground. Talk to him more don't even mention you like him take time to build a bond with him first before asking him out right off the bat. You don't need to update his friends on your relationship with him I had a relationship with this guy and it soon turned into a relationship between me my boyfriend and all of his and my friends haha. So keep his friends seperate to you guys and if you have to talk to him do it in private.

  • woah slow down a little. first mayeb you should start talking to hima little more before asking him out. he seems shy so you don't wanna freak him out.