Are most beautiful girls stuck up?

do they feel entitled ?


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  • There are a lot of nice pretty girls. I do think pretty girls have high standards, as they can get any guy they want. The same is true for hot guys, they will go for only hot girls because they can have whatever they want. I don't think this makes them stuck up, it makes them human. There are some pretty/hot girls/guys who are stuck up though, & that is probably because people are always kissing their butts. If someone constantly told you how amazing you are & that are so much pretty/hotter than others, you'd start to get a big head. Also, hot girls are constantly getting hit on by guys, & while this seems like a positive thing, it would really get annoying after a while. Not just because men would hit on you left & right, but because you'd know they only wanted you for your looks. They might even feel they need to be mean to get others to leave them alone. Not saying that is okay, but no one wants to get constantly harrassed by the opposite sex. Luckily I don't have this problem, so I never get annoyed if someone asks me out, just flattered. I guess it gets old when it happens all the time. When your average or unattractive, you have a hard time understanding this because getting the opposite sex's attention doesn't come easy.


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  • no. some are, but not all.

    like I mentioned to someone who already commented, I have some disgustingly gorgeous friends. they are beautiful even without makeup or their hair done. but because they are so beautiful, that's the only reason guys wanna talk to them. and they only attract guys that want sex and nothing else.

    nice guys assume they are stuck up, so they don't approach them. cocky, jerks are all these girls get, and it results in getting cheated on and used, and they have all suffered severe broken hearts.

    it completely kills their self esteem because it makes them feel like they are unworthy of being loved. they are constantly being outdone by the next hott girl, and left in the dust, like they were just a toy to be abandoned.

    girls hate and alienate other beautiful girls because they are threatened and insecure. guys only wanna screw them, and have no interest in getting to know them as people.

    basically, some really beautiful girls are some of the loneliest and most insecure people.

    again, not all women are this way, some are in fact bitches. you have to get to know them to find out. so be open minded!

  • Yes and no.

    I think some of the most beautiful girls re the ones who don't even know it because they have low self esteem.

    And girls who constantly get validated and told they are gorgeous or beautiful are generally the ones who acknowledge the power of beauty and manipulate it to their advantage.

    But in general,no.Physically appearance won't tell if someone is happy,sad,stuck up,nice,kind,cold hearted etc.Those are individual characteristics

    Now do they have high standards?Yes,probably,they have a right to do so.Pretty can expect pretty but ugly can't expect pretty

    • why would a beautiful girl have low self esteem?

    • Low self esteem isn't limited to anyone,it doesn't take a scientist to know that.Millions of people can view a woman as beautiful,but that doesn't mean she'll view herself as beautiful

  • yes, they tend to be a little narcissistic and have high standards.

  • I know I'm beautiful and I am humbled by the beauty my creator has given me. A girl who is naturally beautiful usually would probably have a different mindset than one who spends an hour on herself in the morning.

  • If they are stuck up, they don't deserve to be called beautiful.

  • It depends on the girl on the INSIDE . There are stuck up ugly girls too . But there can be down to earth girls that are breathtakingly gorgeous too!

    • down to earth gorgeous ones won't settle for average looking guys :(

  • To be honest, I think the most beautiful girls are the ones that have the lowest self-esteem

    • why ?

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    • Don't get me wrong, some really pretty girls are stuck up bitches but from my experience beautiful girls are easy to approach because If they are stuck up, they're not really beautiful anyways, are they?

    • i agree with this so much! I have some friends who are GORGEOUS. like, they make me wanna cry when I see them they are so beautiful. but guys only see them for their looks, and none of them wanna get to know them as people. they have been used and cheated on, and now they have such a f***ed up perception of what men are really like. its like a curse almost

  • According to the generalization? Yes. In actuality? No. You can't judge someone solely on looks. It's not fair and prejudice.

  • no you can't really say that. you can't look at someone's looks and tell their personality. you have to go by body language and how they act. there are ugly and average girls that are stuck up and feel entitled, and there are beautiful girls that are insecure and don't know their own worth. I've been referred to as a beautiful girl and I'm not stuck up but I am confident as hell though. I don't know what you mean by "feel entitled", but I do know that I won't settle for less than being treated with respect. I don't have low self esteem or anything...


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  • Sometimes they are, but it's not really their fault. Spoil someone, and they start acting spoiled. How else would it go?

    • No I don't think so. A lot of pretty girls are actually really nice people but unfortunately they're unfairly labeled as stuck up. I'm told by many that I'm extremely attractive and yet I constantly scare guys away by being "stuck up". Do you know why I'm labeled as "stuck up"? Because I'm cautious and don't flirt. And people misread that is 'stuckup".

      In actuality, I'm just a serious person focused on academia.

    • I neither said nor implied that *all* attractive women are like this. Besides, I know plenty of attractive women who are down-to-earth, nice people.

      But it would be naive to say that some attractive women don't get spoiled, and downright wrong to say that this doesn't encourage bad behavior.