Should I turn into a jerk to find a good looking girl?

So why do beautiful girls at the age of 15-20 choose a-holes?

I'm a normal or good looking guy (I think so) but polite. I have self control, I'm kind of mature for my age (I'm 18) but not in a nerd-ish way..My point is that from my experience most girls tend to be attracted by guys that act like morons,that have big noisy bikes,that are overconfident etc..Maybe these guys are the "soul of the party" but what about guys that act more mature? (I'm talking about a lot of girls but not about all of them) So should I turn into a jerk to find a good looking girl?


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  • Brother. I know how you feel. But you must stay your course. Keep your integrity intact because while it may be easier to do one, it will become harder to look yourself in the mirror. I struggled with this and I gained great reward. A girl who appreciated me, loves me, and now we're engaged. Both eachothers first relationships. STAND FAST, STAND STRONG and KEEP FIGHTING FOR THE GOOD GUYSSS



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  • No.

  • Absolutely not! not, no, and no! How about you just learn to flirt, be more out going, don't be afraid to approach girls. Work on the way you dress, the way you talk, the way you look at me while I'm speaking!

    Jerks are disgusting. Flirts are a blessing!

    Anyways, what are you doing now? How are you talking to the ladies?

    Oh, please don't be a jerk!

    • Yes,i do. I used to be shy but now I feel confident. Its just the feeling that most girls are looking for something different :S

    • Maybe you're talking to the wrong girls! But definitely work on your appearance, and flirt more. It's the simple things that really count :) Try looking through They have some REALLY good advice for guys in your situation :)!

    • I'm always really skeptical of guys who claim they can't get a Girlfriend because they're too nice. In my experience, girls LIKE nice guys. I remember once, I saw this big buff guy in one of my classes who was the nicest guy ever and I started to like him a lot. Then later I found out a bunch of other girls ALSO liked him because he's the nicest person. the issue isn't how nice a guy is. But how he is OVERALL. Niceness is never a deal breaker in a relationship for most ppl. But a-hole behavior IS.

  • not at all

    • Typically, turning into a jerk is a surefire way to repel girls. Recently I met this sweet shy guy and I guess he thought he'd have more game if he became more "tough guy" but I found it so disconcerting that I don't talk to him anymore.

    • yessssssir, that's what I'm saying.

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  • Watch "rebel without a cause", that movie shows the nice guy, the asshole and a "man"

  • the answer is... NO.

    be your-self and eventually you'll find a girl smart enough to appreciate you for it.

  • i feel you mate I'm in the same place as you really

    • A common thing that women say when they talk about guys they like is how nice the guy is so I really don't know where men get the "girls go for bad boys" stereotype from. I'll bet you anything I know a lot more hot girls than you (my friends) and none of them have ever gone for a-holes. Of course their bfs are also hot and smart but they're also very very nice. I too like nice guys (who also happen to be smart and masculine)