What is it that a guy looks for in a girl?

when a guy is getting to know a girl, what does he look for that determines if she's girlfriend material or not?


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  • She should be a nice girl, feminine (not too much though), have a good sense of humor, modesty, good looks, but not too good, dressing decently, being realistic, respecting my interests even though they seem stupid to her.

    Things that put me off the most are if she's being psychotic, obsessing over small things or over her looks, if she thinks she knows everything, bad habits (smoking, drinking excessively even if it's on parties), dressing to provocative (it's good to look at, but not to be with)...

    If she's trying to make me feel jealous - that's almost an instant disqualification in my eyes, she has to be REALLY nice in other ways for me to overlook that.


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  • She needs to be beautiful and somewhat funny and as long as I can talk to her and be my self around her then I don't have a problem dating her. Even if she looks good but is annoying, full of her self or a down right a biatch, then I won't waste my time with a girl like that.

  • For judging girlfriend material I will place personality over looks every time. However, for there to be that initial attraction which will lead me to develop a relationship with the girl in question there would have to be a degree of attractiveness.

  • Good person, funny, smart, good music tastes (no dubstep under my roof, sorry ladies ;) ), trustworthy, strong morals and values.

    • Oh and attractive. Call me shallow but without attraction there can be no passion. Yes in later years looks fade but just cause my icecreams gonna melt doesn't mean I want an icecream flavour I don't like ;)

    • Well said about the attractiveness thing

  • If she can COOK, SHAG, and LAUNDRY.

    even if he doesn't say it, it's in the back of his head.

    hopefully she's not an unattractive cow.

    the end


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