Bigger Girls!?! What's attractive about them to you?

Okay, guys, if you would date a bigger girl...what is it about them that would attract you?...Like, what would make girls seem datable to you? I unfortunately inherited bad genes from both my mother and father's sides...big thighs, hips, and butt from my Hispanic father...and with my white mother, the family curse of all the females in my family...a stomach pooch...My body is even though, got big boobs in the mix and all, again, what's attractive about bigger girls if you like them?.


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  • big boobs, willingness to do crazy stuff sexually, cuteness and general attitude, that's not to say all fat girls are like this tho and there are extremes, eating crap food is also a turn off, I don't mind if you are fat because of genes but don't stuff down on soda and McDonalds...

    • no, I don't eat crap foods...I've had this problem since I was young...I always had a big butt, even when I was baby..then the hips and thighs came along as I started getting older...I don't eat it because if I have this now, just imagine what would happen if I ate the nasty greasiness...ha, thanks for your answer!

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  • Nothing, because there is no excuse. Your genes have nothing to do with your weight. Its the habits and lifestyle you picked up from your family.

    • you just don't get it. I'm not making excuses...I'm not saying I'm sickly obese or obese for that matter...What I was trying to say is I'm thick and so are my sisters and females on my dads side.All with the same butt, hips, thighs, and boobs...and my sisters on my moms side are skinny and it's real aggrivating.I'm more curvey/voluptuous..I'm thick, and guys usually go for petite..and us DosSantos girls are not.

    • genes have nothing to do with your weight? wtf!?!? was that serious? wow. . . .

    • Environmental factors, such as our lifestyle and health behaviors, have a major impact on weight. If genes played a role in weight than why has obesity problems increase in the last few decades. I am sure there wasn't more skinny genes 30+ years ago.

  • I look for curvy to chubby women. Big boobs are a plus but I like a big a** too. They make better lovers, appreciate the little things a guy does, they are wetter in bed, and we don't smack pelvis together when we make love.

  • nothing. Not only because they are un-attractive, but I am petite for a guy and I don't think it's right. I'm not comfortable with anything sexual with larger girls. If I was big it would probably be different.

    • just because some girls are curvey,bigger, or have a butt, or hips doesn't mean she isn't attractive. If she keeps up with herself, dresses right, she can be attractive too. I may not be petite, or be a size 2, but I do keep myself up.

    • yeah, nah

  • nothing imho

  • Their face, eyes, hair, voice, personality. Especially their face, though. Sometimes. As long as she's not obese, I'm fine with anything. But that's just me...


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