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Do Jewish guys like black girls? How do you go about attracting a Jewish guy?

How would a black girl go about attracting a Jewish guy. Do orthodox and non orthodox Jewish guys like black girls? Many Jewish guys are so friendly... Show More

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  • You know that rapper, Drake? Well, his dad is Jewish and his mum is African American.

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  • jewish guys date jewish girls, its part of their faith.

  • For the record, I'm not a Jewish guy, I'm a black guy. But having said that, I recently met a Rabbi who is married to a black girl. He is a great person, they are perfect for each other.

What Girls Said 2

  • Im a jewish girl, and although we have no preference for race, we are taught not to date/marry outside of our religion... Some people's parents (including mine) would disown me if I dated a non-Jew. The reason why we do this is because the assimilation rate is so high that if we intermarried Judaism would eventually die out... its been like this for thousands of years, and even says so in the Torah (The old testament) not to marry outside of JudaismTake it from me... Jewish guys (and even girls like me) are just huge flirts. lol sometimes we don't even realize we are flirting. So there flirting probably means nothing... Hope I helped :)

  • idk I have never lived in a community with a lot of jewish people. I've only known 2 jews my entire life but I do know that men are men. whatever other guys would like, they would too. I have heard that jewish guys mainly stick to their own tho so I don't know if you would be successful dating many of them but who knows.

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