When a guy sees a woman that he finds attractive does he get aroused?

So when a guy sees a girl that he finds physically attractive does he automatically get aroused. How do you know? Does he just stare? Maybe it is the way she dresses or her body, not how she acts, but how she looks, do guys get aroused? For example, I am shy, but if I am attractive, would a guy look at me and think I was attractive and get aroused?


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  • If you have shorts and your legs are exposed and maybe your shoulders and you have a nice figure a guy will get aroused. If you show off some clevege majorly aroused. But also remember how the male brain works on 2 spereate track. Its harder for us to mix romance and arousal togeather the same way a woman can. I once saw a girl who I was turned on by thinking sex sex sex and she gave me the biggest smile and all of a sudden I'm thinking picknicks holding hands and roasting marshmellows all the romantic stuff. See guys have a hard time doing 2 things at once cause of the way we are wired. But a guy can get an erection just by holding a girls hand.


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  • Yes, arousal often occurs for physical atractiveness only, personality doesn't matter for guys.

    If your wearing a really low neckline, a short skirt, and your really hot I guarentee no matter what your personaliity is like, guys are gonna get horny around you. Also it helps if you find reasons to bend over a lot xD ( just a tip).

  • I can't speak for other guys, but when I see an attractive woman I just see an attractive woman. I don't get an erection and I don't feel crazy sexual energy. It's more like, "Wow she's hot!" And I might think of what she might look like naked or such, but then I'd likely forget as I walked on. I'd have to REALLLLLLY think about her to get aroused.

    • That seems more normal.

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