Starting to dress up now?

I was never really a tomboy, but I like wearing hoodies sometimes. Anyways, I decided this last year that I was going to dress up more. I said that I am only going to look young for so long, I might as well wear nice clothes now, right? I wear some makeup now too. Would guys notice me more, now that I wear better clothes and makeup now? Does it look like I am trying too much if I change all of a sudden what I look like? Does it come off as desperate? Or single?


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  • Well, the guys that you were acquainted with before. If there were soem guyus like atyour school or work who you hardlt ever talked to, chances are they won't notice. But guys in your class then I sasy definitely. You won't look desperate unless you cake on tons of makeup and wear high heels and dresse everyday. I think if you start of slow it might work better instead of a hue change at once. But it is your body people shouldn't care either way. I got a new hairstyle after my whole life of the same one, the guy I like has stared/looed at me evey day so far. so a hange isdefinitely good if you want to "reinvent" yourself so to speak.

    • Nice nice.:) I did get a new hair cut and new But yeah, only the people that see me in class or work would be able to notice. Even if I don't talk to people really in class. lol. I don't cake on a lot of makeup, but I straighten my hair too, because it makes my hair look soo much nicer. :P

    • I don't think they will think you are trying hard, just that you grew up and decided to look nice (not syanig you didn't before).


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  • First of all, I think you should do what you are feeling like, why would you even care what other people would think about it? Besides, if you decide to look more girly, it is only a good thing, I am sure a lot of people including guys ;)) will appreciate it. I know a change can be harsh sometimes, my best friend also had to go through such make over once and she found it rather disturbing how an attitude of other people towards her was slightly changing. But it is all for the best, if you will look more feminine it will affect how you feel, how you behave, your self-assurance will rise, these are very good things to experience, right?. So I would just go for it! :))

  • Mom always told me to dress for the job that I want. I guess you should also dress for the kind of boyfriend that you want, too. If you want to hang with a Wall Street broker type of guy, don't wear black gothic stuff, right?

    If you want to hang with a solid upper class kind of guy, upgrade your wardrobe and accessories. Do your makeup the way you see other girls wear it who hang with the same kinds of guys. Too much is always too much.