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What does his eye contact mean? Does it suggest a crush? Guys - please help!

There's this guy I've known for about a year now and I've had a crush on him for a while and I think that maybe he feels the same but I don't have a... Show More

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  • i have been through this. I found this girl attractive, however their were no feelings their. I would not look at her often but I saw her looking at me once. after this we shared this experience quite a few times. but I really never felt something to strongly for her. so may be your case is similar...but, he may have started liking you since he knows you like him...he may be attracted to you but I think it is upto you guys if this is to become something more

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  • Perhaps he doesn't know to behave around you or where or what he should look at when you're talking to each other. There are people who can't sustain eye contact. Especially with the one you're interested in.

    But it sound like he likes you, or else he wouldn't be acting shy.

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