Oily face makes hair oily?

I have side bangs [to cover my forehead because its too large in my opinion], and I don't know why but my bangs get like. greasy. [sorry if that sounds grose] but I shower every day, and by like the afternoon, they get like that. I don't know if its from my face, like if my face is too oily [it kind of is], and it makes my hair like that since my hair is on my forehead, or maybe its something else. I dunno. I stopped conditioning the front part of my hair and that didn't even work. any advice on how I could fix this? maybe something to get a less oily face or something? thankss


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  • head and shoulders or AXE for men should do the trick,


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  • This happens to me! My main problem was I kept messign with my bangs with my fingers all day. And therefore by the end of the day, I had a bunch of figner oil on my bangs and that made them greasy. So definitely make sure not to run your fingers through your bangs or try to fix them a lot. And my frehead isn;t too oily, but when I get sweaty that makes hem greay as well. But try to get some like Stridex pads and use them on your forehead in the morning before you dry or style your bangs. I use Skin ID and mine came with some pads I use in the morning to take away a lot of grease. And if you need to, go to the bthroom every once in a while and wipe off your forehead with a paper towel before it gets too greasy. When I get sweaty I have to do that a lot.

    • My bangs always fall in my face, which is why I'm always touching them. they get soo annoying lol. but it looks really bad if I pin them back or anything so I'm not sure how to keep them out of my face

    • Yea this happens to me as well. my beautician did some hairsray on them but it made my bangs feel stiff, and I don;t use it ymself because I am an environment person so I don'yt use hairspray. so basicallt what I do it just kind of fling (not the right word) them back with my head. if you know what I mean haha. they usually stay in place until I bend over or something.