Do guys like girls with red hair?

Soo I'm thinking about taking advantage of my pale skin, green eyes, and already redish tinge of my hair and becoming a redhead(: I have light brown hair with a redish tinge right now, and I want to see if I could pull off the red hair. I would do like an auburn, nothing too crazy red. but I still want guys to think I'm cute. do guys like redheads?

thanks guys (:


Most Helpful Guy

  • Nope. In my experience usually the only guys that like really red-headed girls are guys that are fetish about it aka super obsessed. And honestly there are not many of those. It sounds like you have a really nice hair color now though. =D It sounds like the brown really balances it out. Also keep in mind though that guys that like red hair usually tend to REALLY REALLY like it =D.