Why is it that girls have a weird look on their face when?

a guy starts talking random stuff and starts talking weird when its obvious that he likes her


Most Helpful Girl

  • The weird look is probably because we're thinking "where in the world did this idea come from?" and we probably start talking weird because of what we're feeling. Maybe we feel awkward because we don't like them back or maybe its because we're nervous about hurting his feelings. It really depends on the situation.


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What Girls Said 1

  • because the guy is saying random weird stuff. the fact that he likes her doesn't erase the fact that he's saying weird sh*t

    • lol no pleasing some people, can't you just laugh it off and give him a break and give him confidence that he's trying

    • i guess some people can't. (shrugs) move on in life and stop expecting girls you barely know to throw you a pity party. nobody can GIVE you confidence that's not her responsibility.

    • no wonder you girls are so complicated

What Guys Said 1

  • I get that at times lol. But I don't try to hide it either. I spent too many years keeping things to myself, so if they can't get over my weird thoughts or conversations then f*** 'em.