Specific Item Finding?

I would be VERY surprised if there was something like this, but is there any sort of website where you can find specific items of clothing? I often find myself searching for hours trying to find one specific shirt. Right now, it's this masterpiece


Does anybody have experience with finding specific clothes? If so, how do you do it? And could you work your magic on this item ;)?


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  • Ive had the same dilema lol I have not figured out how to find a specific thing buttt I have discovered that you can buy a plain t-shirt and take it to a sign making shop or something like that. Just take the picture of the shirt you want and they can most likely make it for you :) plus its pretty decently priced


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  • the shirt is being released jan 24th (probably why you haven't been able to find it yet) here: link

    • Holy cow that was amazing! Haha thanks so much! Mind sharing how you got it..?

    • went to google... searched "i love you more than all the raindrops in the world tee shirt"... the first or second entry was a blog talking about the shirt that said it gets released the 24th and gave a link to the website... being as specific as possible in a search engine is the key ;)

  • search engines

    • Like I said, I search for a long time trying to find stuff on search engines. I was looking for something more specific. Thanks anyway.

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  • I would try emailing iamthetrend. It's a site that reviews independent t-shirt brands and there's a chance that they'll have come across that shirt, or a similar one, at some point. They constantly get sent t shirts to review, so they probably know more about it than anyone else. The website is iamthetrend.com and their email is info@iamthetrend.com

    • I didn't ask them, but am definitely enjoying the site anyway! Thanks :D