Should I turn them into necklaces?

My boyfriend got me a pair of key and heart earrings... one is a heart that says he who holds the key to my heart. And the other one is the key... I thought it was kinda weird to get me them since he doesn't wear earring so I can't give the key to him to wear. So should I make the key into a necklace with a chain? And should I turn my heart earring into the necklace?


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  • That actually sounds pretty clever. If you can pull it off, why not? At least he can still wear it (and fashionably too) and not worry about looking odd with a key earing and such. A simple gold - thin chain would probably do. (Or silver, depending on the key color).


What Girls Said 1

  • Thats really cute. I think you should ask. Just suggest it "So...maybe I could turn this into a necklace, so we can both wear something. *cute, timid smile* And let the convo carry on