Any ideas for a fashion blog name?

I'm going to be starting a fashion blog about my own personal sense of fashion.

My style is very eclectic and I'm looking forward to this blog but I'm horrible at coming up with creative names. Any help, ideas, suggestions or the like will be greatly appreciated.


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  • eclectic fashion from a fashionista.

    something like that. if its something too difficult to understand, itll look like your trying too hard. keep it simple. and since its true, it fits. NEVER mislead your audience


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  • Well, I called mine because in the fashion industry, models have to present their "glamour shot" to be approved for a job. You could come up with something that follows your fashion sense, or rhyme with eclectic, or even FashionablyFriday or something of the sort. If you tell me more about you, I would be happy to help!