Pilates spandex shorts/clothing for guys ?

My boyfriend has started taking pilates with me (cute:) but he's the only guy in the class. His problem is he wear's regular baggy shorts, and when he's on his back they flop down to his hips and he's always pushing them back up. Plus, on some of the hip stretches his "junk" gets out of place, but he's afraid to adjust in the class. Finally, when he's on his hands and knees his baggy shirt drops down on his chest and obscures his vision to the mirror to see if he's straight or not.

I suggested he get some spandex shorts and wear a tight tank top, but he scoffed, and made some homophobic reference...anyway, I think he'd look "straight", sexy and also be able to do all the moves.

Suggestions for comfortable pilates guy-wear ? Can he just wear compression shorts or should he wear another pair over them ?


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What Guys Said 1

  • If that was me I would for sure where just spandex. it makes my package look better. and you might have to let him know that.


What Girls Said 1

  • As a girl I would say the spandex or fitted shorts would be better alone, with a lycra or stretch shirt also. From doing yoga for years with guys, I've seen lots of tight and very short shorts that look good... as long as they are fit.