. or as I have found, many play hockey. I like this guy who plays hockey, and is skaterish. he's really good at it like he was in competitions and stuff. But I don't know if skaters would like girls who aren't skaters. I'm not completely girly. and I kind of have like a half skater (if that's possible) style and attitude. I play lacrosse. and ya. he seems to like me, but I'm kind of the nice girl too, so not sure if we mesh or not?


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  • o cool I play lacrosse to :) but anyways the whole skaters only liking skaters would be kinda immature so if that was the reason you wouldn't want him anyways. but your kinda cute (judging by the picture) and your athletic to which are good quality and your also nice so I would say your kind of a catch so he probably will like you and getting along should be hard you can both go to each others games. just go for it and if he passes you up he's stupid

    • Aw, tahnks ur rly sweet

      that's cool, that you play lacrosse

      not a lot of people do

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  • your either hot or your not, guys don't care about how your style of dress.

    • Ok ok, I get the hot thing

      i was knida asking if I mesh with skaters or not????

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