Why do guys look at me but don't try to approach me?

People tell me I'm beautiful and guys check me out but they don't try to come and talk to me. People describe me to be artistic so I sort of stand out but not in an overly freaky way. I'm pretty good about stuff like body language and walking with a purpose (confidence) but they still don't try and make conversation. Don't get me wrong I don't act like I own the world but I try to make a good impression. I try and make eye contact sometimes but it seems like that's not enough encouragement for them. What am I doing wrong here?


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  • Eye contact and did you smile?

    Lots of guys around your age group are intimidated by the beautiful girls; I know I used to be and so were lots of my hs friends.good thing we outgrew that.

    So if you're only making eye contact, that's good, but then you need to crack a smile, and it might take 2 or 3 times for the guy to get the hint; the first time you do it, the guy will think.'whoa, did that girl just look at me and smile? I must be imagining things.' So that's why you need to do it a 2nd and third time. If no response by the third time, the guy is an absolute klutz! :D


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  • well just imagine that the guy is thinking the same exact thing as you. you can't always expect guys to make the first move