Need haircut ideas, if possible with images please?

My hair in the front goes to the bottom of my ears and in the back to my shoulders. I think it looks funny and I'd like to get a haircut. Any of you have any ideas for short guys hairdos or hairdos that would let the front flow with the back and still make it look good? please, no suggestions of mullets.xD My hair is kind of like oli sykes in how it grows and is ridiculously thick,


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  • Whatever you do, please don't cut your hair SHORT short. Most women HATE men with too short hair, especially at the back of the neck. If your job doesn't cause you to have to keep it to a certain length, cover the tops of your ears and if they stick out a bit, all of them. Have the hair in the back at least meet the color of a shirt or preferably go below it an inch or two. My boyfriend's hair is on the long side and he looks terrible with short short hair because he has a larger head and a long face with a short forehead. His hair is one of his greatest assets and he has gotten so many compliments on it since he started wearing it longer, thanks to me (gloat, gloat!) But if you have super thick hair, have it thinned a bit so it's not TOO HEAVY. That is annoying to people to carry around all of that hair weight. He gets his thinned and texturized. He also colors it to cover gray that he hates.

  • Rob Pattinson hair


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  • Get a Bowie cut, they're lej. I've got a sort of evolution on a Bowie cut at the minute, with the ears covered and a heavy side-fringe.



    • Thanks for the ideas, I like the second one but I think I may have an idea of what I'd like. I recently got told I look like frank iero, the mcr guitarist as well as leathermouth vocalist. My hair definitely is like his, now I'm just gonna choose wiether to get it cut, straighten and hairspray, and if I cut it which one I'd wanna look like because he has had a lot of hairstyles.xD I do to, but my hair actually creates its own style?

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    • Ohhh, right. Well, there you go, haha.

    • lol yeah, should all make an interesting story to tell kids if I ever decide to have any.