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Does he still want me or is he just jerking me around?

So we were together for 4 years, and we've been apart for three days. he came today because he said he needed to get his stuff...but he only took... Show More

He ended up texting me happy v-day. Then we finally talked about why we broke up in the first place. He even came by and gave me a hug because he missed me...We're still not together though. He came over AGAIN today to get his golf clubs. I'm so confused.

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  • i think he's just insecure about leaving you. you guys have been together for a while, and even if its not the fact that he wants a fallback, its just hard to leave something that youve have with you for such a long time you know? but I do think that your relationship is over, at least the romantic part of it. I'm still best friends with my most recent ex, and I do love him but I couldn't be with him either (distance and different life plans and values) its probably really hard for him to be in this situation and he needs you as a friend. I don't think he's just messing around though, he seems really lost in life

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  • He won't respond to a text message. but at the same time he could still love you & just doesn't know if he is completely ready for this relationship to be over. You might just have to give him time to be ready to be with you. my brother and his ex are going through a similar thing.

    Your father is probably saying that because he doesn't want you to get your hopes up too soon, just in case things don't work out. Your father said those things because he loves you. If your ex has nowhere to live that is a contributing factor as to why your father thinks this.

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