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Do girls like to wear lingerie?

or do you just wear it to impress your boyfriend/husband

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  • I like to wear pretty underthings, regardless of my relationship status, haha.

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  • ii wear it whenever I want. not just when I'm with my BF. I like it better ..more comfortable..not thongs tho :)

    • like around the house? or like under clothes when you go out

    • both I don't have a lot of regular underwear lol

    • hahaha

  • To feel sexy and yes, mostly impress my man (when/if I have one).

  • I'll be honest. I'll buy sexy lingerie for the bedroom, but if I'm dressed to go to a lecture or just popping to town to get some food or off to work. I won't be wearing lingerie. I'll be wearing comfortable and practical underwear.

  • i love it... especially when your gonna have sex it makes you look sexier

  • I love it, I think its fun!

  • I like to wear it quite often, if it just wasn't that expensive

  • i like it. it makes me feel sexy

  • im a virgin, but I love to buy undies and bra's that are really pretty because its fun and it makes me feel pretty! lol

  • It makes us feel pretty :) Plus my boyfriend likes it! win win.

  • i like to wear sexy lingerie I don't even have a boyfriend right now but I wear it because I feel sexy knowing I have that on underneath.

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