Tips on how to not smother a guy or a girl?

I constantly see people breaking up and saying "he/she smothered me" this must STOP.

what are some tips on how not to smother someone or push them away, list examples if you must.


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  • Guys, stop with the "your so beautiful and perfect" crap. Compliments like these should only be used sparingly, not 24/7. One of my ex boyfriends would tell me how perfect and beautiful and amazing he thought I was and would text me and call me constantly. When guys get too easy and sappy, girls feel smothered and that sense of lust and adventure dies out. Bottom line is to not over compliment lol


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  • Ok the big ones are:

    -checking in. People don't like having to call their partner to check in, just like when your parents always call and have to know what your doing, when your home who your with.

    -another thing is the preventing of hanging out with certain people. Especially friends, don't force people to choose friends.

    -also having to spend every minute of the day with the person as well.

    Basically it's anything that has to do with controlling the other person. Both partners in the relationship like to think they're in control, and once they start getting pushed around and are no longer happy with the way things are going in the relationship then it's a problem. These just cause trust and controlling issues.

    The answer is communication, no one ever talks about it and it just builds up.

    • I agree with you man , communication is the most important part in any relationship ..

  • Dont call/text them constantly, she'll/he'll feel overwelmed


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  • Always remember thet this person was who they are when you met them. In other words, if a guy is used to hanging with his friends on Tuesdays and going fishing wih his brother on saturdays.please encourage that to continue. Have seperate lives, but still be together. That way when you are together, then it will be quality, not quantity. Go with the flow of a relationship and give as much as you receive. Respect is key. Individualtiy is crucial.

  • and don't get so mad at him for just hugging a girl or something. my bestfriend's girlfriend does that and she gets pissed whenever I hug him.