Top three outfits on Girls or Women ?

Guys, what are the top 3 outfits you would like to see on a girl\woman? (top, bottom, shoes, boots, etc.)..

and girls : what are your favorite three outfits to wear and why ?


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  • for me I like singlet type tops and short shorts, sandles or thongs for everyday

    but for formal I'd say a nice short dress and some killer 5 inch heels xD


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What Girls Said 2

  • - black jeans, black heeled ankle boots, with a dark green top (for everyday)

    - black long pencil skirt, black tank top, a grey vest (tailored) with beige high heels (going out)

    - blue jeans, gray and black tank top, cardigan with beige wedge boots (weekend/everyday)

    I usually wear heels pretty much everyday they are like 3inch heels because I'm pretty short, I wear it because I want to.

  • my favorite outfits are...

    1. converses with skinny jeans & singlet top + hoodie (winter)

    2. converses or flat with short shorts & tank top (summer)

    3. out there dress with flats (formal)


What Guys Said 2

  • I think jeans, slacks or skirts, as well as boots, Converse or any shoe, are equally stylish & sexy. Top wise, my 3 favorites are a tee or top tucked in, one longer & belted at the waist, & a bady-doll top. However, other than knotting a shirt or having it half tucked-half out, I've yet to see ANY kind of outfit on a girl I didn't like, & whatever my BFF & other girls I know think is their cutest/most flattering, I always agree, and I'm a FIRM believer that girls know what styles they look best in, even though we're all our own worst critics...

  • 1/ Little black dress and pointy toed, red stilettos

    2/ White tank top or tight t-shirt, denim mini skirt, pointy toed silver stilettos

    3/ Pointy toed black stilettos and a smile :)