Personal Tattoo?

Girls I am seriously considering having a tattoo on my pubic mound and outer labia. I have several tats already so I know how much it hurts, that's not an issue I just wondering if anyone here has done anything like that or knows of someone who has?

By the way the tattoo will be a scorpion with the tail coming over top of him with the stinger at my clit, and the claws down and around on my lips.

The tat is awesome! Just now feeling better down there however, I'm at the itches stage now and had my boyfriends black snake in it for the first time Monday. Three guys paid $150 last night at bar just to see it. Party money!


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  • I think it sounds neat. Not a place I would put one, but that's because my tattoo artist is my cousin. imagine the lovely jokes that could create! I had a friend who has one of some sort of tribal symbol, all ending in a clit piercing. She pulls it off pretty well. I think a lot of it is your personality, though, how well you can pull it off when a guy sees it.

    • It's defenately ME! I've showed it to some already and got great comments. My boyfriend has not seen it nor does he know yet that I got it. I'm going to have some fun with it this weekend (It's been pretty sore) I hope. He is scared to death of spiders! Lot of work to get done, haven't been able to shave down their since I had the work done and getting a bit scratchy. Will give shaving a shot this morning and if all is well Shaun gets bit by a scorpion tonight! LOL


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  • Wow, that's crazy stuff. ^_^

    I am glad you like it.

  • uhhh honestly if I saw that on a girl I was about to have sex with, it'd freak me out hahahaha. I know it's just a tat but looking down and seeing a scorpion looking like it's about to chop my **** off would be a turn off. but that's just me.

    and yes, I think tat's are hot unless there's more inked skin than "clean" skin

    • Think of how guys will feel putting there face and tongue down their? It does look really neat, pretty damn sore yet. I only have two other tats a very small libera sign on my lower back and a small star on top of my right foot and now this one on my pussy.

      Oh by the way its a friendly scorpion and she won't hurt you if you play with her nicely!!!!LOL

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  • nice idea :) I've never heard of tattoo's in private areas though lol but sounds really cool :D

  • that sounds cool. I've seen one on an old lady and it was Jesus and her pubes were his beard. I personally would prefer a piercing there then a tattoo but yeah, you're idea was kick @ss too :)

    • Best part of this tattoo is that the guy who is going to do it later today is not charging me anything, because he wants to see my pussy so bad and now he will have his hands on it for couple of hours anyway.

    • That's so cool. A free tattoo and all he has to do is look

    • It's absolutely amazing what that thing between our legs will get us! Tattoo looks great. I'm pretty damn sore at the moment (hurts to wipe after peeing even) but iti looks awesome. Have to keep it pretty goobed up now for a day or two.