Do colored guys see white girls as being easy?

What do you think of an african american man with a younger white woman( 5 years younger) . recently I have started dating and older black guy. But my friends (some are colored too) are telling me black guys think white girls are easy and so chase after them. I am not in any way racist but I was wondering has anyone else heard this? or did my friends make it up out of nowhere.?


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  • I hear a lot of people say that, but it's simply not the case.

    I think the reason you see more and more black men dating white women is because of both demographic's openness to try something new that previously would have been socially unacceptable. It's primarily associated with liberation of sexual selection, secondarily with variety of sexual selection.

    In all actuality, the success rate of a black man attempting to initiate romantic involvement with a white woman will be FAR lower than the same man attempting to initiate romantic involvement with a white woman.

    It's due simply to the familiarity complex.

    SO to answer your question, you friends could have heard it from any given source.

    But let the record show, that is not the motive at hand.


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  • I don't think that's true at all. I for ex am black and majority of me bf's are white. But I think that it depends on the girl she could be any race and still act or appear easy. I wouldn't worry about what society says or where people get there information from in regards to this. The only thing that matters is that you have a connection with this person.

  • No, ur friend are right, most African American men date white woman, because they herd that they were easy. But I do not know the guy personally so, it could be different and he could really see you 2 going far in life with each other. So do not leave him for what I have heard.

  • White girls chase after black men a lot

  • "colored"? where are you from jw? just a heads up many people would find that offensive so be careful about using that around the guys your trying to date

    honestly yes, a lot of african american guys I know do go to white girls because they say stuff like they are easier/quicker to get in bed, will do what they tell them to do and can be easier to control. I have heard this straight from the source so its not like its just "hearsay" or me guessing. also I have noticed that a lot of white girls do chase after black guys which can make them come off easier