Why do men love witches?!

seriously, I've noticed that men really are masochist and just look for the worse girls ever...of course if all they want is to be tortured and turn on by it...why don't they say so... * hits a boy on the head with a shoe*, you liked that!... *^*, explain...whats the big deal, do we have to be that A-holes to you guys to get your attention or what?

Btw...fine not all men are the same, but this is a question...unless you have something better to say...don't even respond...ok?!, thanks


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  • Well, you've probably heard that girls always go for jerks? This is just the reciprocal. We guys get involved with these loser girls and they turn us into raving lunatics while destroying our lives.


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  • What do you base this on? Your opinion of the girls guys you know date? I mean they might be witches in general, but if they like a guy they most likely aren't going to treat him like sh*t. They'd probably be as sweet as the can to him, even if they are a jerk to everyone else.

    • Not necessarily...there are women that really get obsessive and are more jerks then any guy...and usually boys go for those kind of girls...needless to say, not all are the same...but still it's seen, and if you've only dated nice girls then trust me your lucky...or who knows...but not all men or women, are sweet and nice...if it were for that...then why the heck we fight and use these places to get answers...O.o

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    • lol!...is nothing bad...XD trust me...creeme...

    • I do tend a trust girls, but that's usually my downfall. :P

  • Well, I think there are two important facts here; one is that men find dominant and more aggressive women more alluring because it takes all of the pressure off the guy in regards to making moves, finding a way to have sex, and the like; essentially, it gives the guy a chance to be the 'pursued'. The other thing is that... most guys do have a masochistic / submissive side. This more has to do with sexual arousal, but, typically the submissive side is more sexually stimulated than the dominant (unless the person's a true sadist). I am myself a submissive / masochistic 'fetishist' guy, but I only like that whole BDSM interaction to occur in the bedroom, elsewhere, there must be mutual respect or the relationship is dead. So, no, you don't have to be a-holes to get our attention, but you do have to stand out from the crowd, displaying and even flaunting your very best qualities; then, you'll certainly have a guy's attention. What qualities you have is for you to discover, but be assured that you do have them, everyone does. If you got it, flaunt it. =)

  • I hate witches. I love women that are cute and seem to be goody-two-shoes like Cassadee Pope and Valerie Poxleitner.

  • What the hell are you on about?


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  • They are confident and flattering when you first meet them, eventually their true colors come out and then the realize - what the hell have I gotten into. It's the same with girls.

  • bitter much? not true for all guys. you're generalizing too much

    • bitter sweet, you say what you want... I'll admit maybe not all are the same, but unless you get it and actually answer, is a question and is how it feels in a moment unless it actually makes you feel offended...respeta y responde como es...=3 thanks anyway