Jeans--perfect example of the difference between men and women?

Alright, after thinking about this I've come to think that maybe the way men's and women's jeans are made is a perfect example of the way each gender is brought up to think. Now bear with me here.

Men's jeans are usually loose-fitting, and made from a thick grade of denim that's durable and can almost act as a form of safety padding because of how thick it is. It's loose enough so as not to hinder movement even though it can't stretch because of how thick and tough the material is. It's got pockets big enough and deep enough so as to store TONS of stuff in them and many varities have additional pockets on the thighs and knees as well, with some even having hidden pockets.

They are, essentially, the ultimate in practicality and functionality. Designed to be worked and beaten to death and style takes a back seat to functionality. Yet most men choose to wear these workhorse clothes virtually everyday when hanging out or even when going to nicer occasions, and it is considered socially acceptable for men to do so.

Now, women's jeans are made of thin, stretchy material that is more akin to the soft cotton t-shirts are made from than the durable work-grade denim men's jeans are made from. It has no useable pockets to speak of, and is designed to be tight, possibly to the point of hindering movement. Rather than emphasizing practicality, they choose to add feature to these jeans that do things such as lift your butt to look tighter and perkier and make you look thinner. Obviously these pants were made for style and form rather than function or practicality.

I don't really know what I'm getting at here, other than that the qualities of these jeans is perhaps a perfect example of the way men and women are conditioned to think from birth, and maybe be used as an insight into understanding one another. Opinions? Or do I just sound like someone on drugs doing an acid rant?


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  • I think that the differences between male fashion and female fashion ARE somewhat of a reflection of male and female values/expectations. They also reflect the roles that men and women typically play in society. Men and women’s clothing is different because it is meant to accomplish different purposes and give off different “visual messages.” Think about it: how much can you tell about a person and their values before he/she even opens their mouth?

    Let’s start with the little bit of common ground men and women have in the fashion industry…Studies that have been conducted on this subject reveal that people (whether male or female) who select comfortable, practical clothing tend to have a higher level of confidence and are have a good grip on life as well as a good amount of security in their personal lives and careers. Subjects who chose more decorative clothing tended to be more “peer-oriented” and sociable, and able to relate to other people very well. This applied to both men and women.

    As far as the gender gap in clothing goes…

    Men are more practical. They are, traditionally, the breadwinners. Instead of simply looking “hot,” like women want, (emphasizing sexual organs and the overall appeal of the body) the principle goal of their fashion choices is to both show off their means, while at the same time, being functional and practical. Power, to men, is money, strength, intelligence, and position. Their clothes are intended to reflect those values. Their clothing has an expected lifespan that’s several times longer than that of women’s clothing. Their shoes all fit the same; sizing makes more sense. Vanity sizing is unheard-of. Men’s clothing accomplishes its purpose very well.

    Although it’s usually not very practical, like men’s fashion, women’s fashion does accomplish its purpose—just a different one. Female power is also in money and position, but more principally found in “sex appeal.” A great wardrobe can turn a very average looking woman into a stunning “super-woman.” Form-fitting dresses that show off the curve of the hips, heels that give instant “tone” to the legs, and tight jeans that nip and tuck problem areas ALL increase the sex appeal of the woman, thus giving her the “woman power” she wants to accomplish her goals. Sure, sizing makes no sense. It’s a marketing ploy to make the woman feel fitter and more attractive than she really is. (honestly, a “6” sounds sooo much better than a “12” to an average-size woman). That alone is evidence supporting the theory that women buy clothes that they feel make them “look good” rather than comfortable, practical ones, in 9 cases out of 10. It doesn’t mean that their clothing choices are inferior to men’s, they are just made with entirely different goals in mind.

    It’s complicated, but it makes perfect sense. If there were no reason behind the madness, then this trend wouldn’t have gone on for hundreds of years like it has.


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  • ;) lol

    I hate stretchy material... Actually, I thought or hoped it as out f style...

    it is uncomforabe, it looks realllllllly stupid- I mean real dumb, lol, like whoever wears them is fashion- wise learning disabled ...

    & its a pain in the a** to look for jeans without that material, so much so that I tend to buy mens jeans...also mens jeans d not have those stupid curved thighs & hips that add to the rediculous nature of the look.

    i specifically look for jeans that are real denim & strong & I prefer f;are so they ft comfortably over my shies & I wear hip huggers so they do not restrain my breathing at all, & I do not wear them tight, because while I have a healthy thin figure, I still do not see the point in strangling my legs, when it is always better to leave something to the imagination aesthetically, & Of course health-wise, it is more comfortable to leave a bit of room :)

    I wash them quite a bit so they get soft & comfortable, but I like them to feel good

    i do not need deep pockets because I carry my back pack with books water food pens ipod computer & water- everything I would want in an emergency, or if I chose to go some where other then home for the night, or if I found myself waiting, I'd be occupied- I do not like to waste time doing nothing, so if my back pack is full,i'm all set :)

  • I agree with you. Over the summer, I was in a film program, and it really pissed me off that the guys could fit freakin soda bottles in their pockets in addition to equipment, but I had to tape equipment on to my belt because nothing fit in my pockets (that majorly hindered my mobility).

    Generally though, women's jeans have more stretch to them so we can get them over our thighs/hips, and that makes it easier to move.

    Actually, I think that's a reason why there's such a difference between men's and women's jeans--women's figures vary so much that we have to have material that stretches. Everything else is about style, but there's no getting around the material. I have full thighs, wide hips, and a small waist. If my jeans didn't stretch, I wouldn't be able to get them past my knees. And if I got them in a bigger size, they would be huge around my waist. Not to mention the fact that other women with a different build can still wear the same size as me (the industry has to accommodate all of us).

  • doesnt mean I'm on drugs or acid.

    you speak your thoughts.and I got what you're trying to emply.

    doesnt mean what your thoughts is what others have in mind too.evrything is designed for something.mens stuff are designed for men,women stuff are designed for women in general.sellers doesn't exactly know what is comfort for this one boy or the other and what's comfort for this girl and the other.for that they make tons of styles generally for men and women but up to that individual to pick what's comptable for em.

    everyone wears for comfort.its either mens or womens as long as they're comtable.the condition "to think from birth" you meant they boy stuff strictly for boys,girls stuff strictly for girls,didnt apply here.means each boys and each girls are unique comes to thinking.

    it applys when each of unique individual understands the point of this other unique individual.

    boy! I wish I'm at least in a beer.u made me think!

    • Well, what I meant was more along the lines that boys are conditioned from an early age to look at the practical side of everything first, with function over form, while girls are sort of conditioned to think the exact opposite . . where style, fashion, looks, etc all come before practicality

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    • The rock star styles of today are simply an evolution of rock star styles from the past, inspired by people who dressed in womens styles on stage .. but you do raise a good point

    • "inspiring" from past style specially a man to wear womens fashion taken today,was an individual personal choice,agreed by another individual I guess the "jean" was'nt the perfect example but a good a man,i a woman,we have different points but we try to make each of it make def,s designed to think like you do and me like I do from birth..and be able to understand each of our point without a huge argument,makes the hope that the boy and girl cod have united thoughts.

  • I think you right, I'm a mom and I don't mind the jeans I have but when I'm looking for my little girls jeans at 1-2 years old there made the same why mine are. I think its b.s because she has a dipper, and want to run clime on stuff and her lags at to tight to do it and if I get them bigger then there to big around her and fall down

  • Sometimes I buy guys jeans but they don't fit quite right at the waist. Really, I still don't want to carry much in my pockets. I like keeping it looking smooth.

  • You don't sound like someone on drugs. but DAMN IT boy you got WAY to much f***ing time to think about its called a hobbie! lol

    • Actually the whole thing started at work when a woman I work with was wearing tight jeans with pockets that were basically useless and I was wearing jeans with pockets so deep they could fit everything she had in her purse and more in there

    • I hold with my original statement lol

    • You misspelled "hobby"

  • I think you are right girl jeans are made way tighter. Like skinny jeans. And guy jeans are made more loose. But I think it's only because some girls want to show off their best features. Although recently I have seen a lot of guys wearing tight jeans. I don't find it very attractive but it's their deal. So yeah I think you are right.

  • Wouldn't it be an acid wash rant?

  • Actually the women;s jeans don't hinder movevment. At least mine don't. I like my jeans a little tighter, but I can still walk easily in them. They have to be stretchy so that we can wear them tighter and not feel like we are about to bust every seam. And men don;t care as much about women about showing off their best features and hiding their worst.

    you are right, it is just we are born with the desire to look our best at all times. (not syaing that men aren't)


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  • No, it shows that things haven't really changed. Women are still expected to show off their bodies and their 'ratings' socially depend a lot more on how tight their jeans are than what brains or character they have. It's pretty sad and of course it reflects how women relate to men in general. Men are often looked at like salmon waiting to be 'hooked.'.

    And of course men are aware of this and if they don't have a lot of respect for women.will, gee, I know a couple of women who have to LIE DOWN to put on their jeans because they are so tight they can't otherwise get them on!

    I admire women who don't wear designer jeans. They look fine in men's cut jeans, actually, anyway.

    Great question