Girls who wear super short shorts?

why do some girls where such slutty revealing short short shortssssssss! they think they look so hot too and maybe to some guys they do I don't know Because I'm not a guy but I just think they are really unattractive and not modest especially if your kinda fat. they look gross when their ass is hanging out. I think they are insecure about how they look if they have to wear those shorts to feel hot.

short like this link
im not trying to be judge I just think girls who wear them want attention for the wrong reasons and I wish girls would respect themselves more then to be a sex symbol. just because its the style doesn't make it appropriate.
these shorts don't leave much for the imagination
okay everyone this is me. link I'm sorry if you are offended because I think short shorts are slutty. people keep saying I'm fat and I'm not.
ignoring future posts I'm done


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  • Idk.. I like attention that doesn't make me feel like a sexual object.. But I'm a little prudish in that matter.

    • ha. thankies

    • I thought you were ignoring future posts?

    • I didn't make the question. Shouldn't this be posted in the answer box?

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  • they want attention obvly

  • short shorts became popular back in the dukes of hazard era to show off the legs on girls, not her butt. Her butt is still covered and is the same as it would be seen in jeans, skirt, etc. The problem is back in those days, girls had more shapely legs and in my opinion were just more muscular. Their pants were cut to make them look like they had no butt and thank god that has come a long way. But just this weekend I was at the beach at panama city and saw literally thousands of girls and many of them wearing these shorts. And their legs just looked...well...horrible (sorry). Even though they were skinny, they had no shape or curve. Just flabby. We call it "skinny fat". This comes from the craze of girls obssessing over numbers and not fitness/health. Jeans sizes (number), weight (number), you get the drift. So the goal in their head is to be "small" or "skinny". Many of them take diet pills or just don't eat in general to get this way. The end result is loss of muscle (muscle makes curve=fat has no shape, think of it as jelly in a jar) which means are straight tubes like the the cardboard center of a paper towel roll, only jiggly. It is not attractive and they should not be "showing" them off. Those shorts should be reserved for the girls that eat and hit the gym. So to answer your question I am not a fan of the ones I saw all weekend. I might have saw 3 or 4 that were looking good in them but that is like 1%. That is just my personal take on it. If you girls don't want to see a scrawny skinny guy with a caved in chest that what little meat he does have on his arms is shapeless fat, in a tank top trying to show it off...well then you should understand what I'm talking about. Don't get me wrong people have the freedom to flaunt whatever they wish but when they do, others like me have the freedom to either be turned on by it or turned off. We all judge it in our minds whether we realize it or not.

  • They're kinda cute if you're built for it, but I agree it's too much & seems like the girl's trying too hard. My girlfriend had tight shorts a little longer than that & a green tee that was too tight to tuck in or go over the waistband propperly so she cut it a little. Someone tried to rape her & almost succeedded, stating she wanted it or she wouldn't have dressed that way. I went to her place after work & we burned the outfit...

    • No you're not fat in the slightest! Those people are blind & stupid, & if they can't see how beautiful you are, it's their loss

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    • haha thank you very much!=]]]]]

    • You're welcome

  • I really like short shorts on a woman. I don't think it's desperate or slutty. I think it's sexy.

  • Because they are so hot! Wear them

  • confidence

    regardless of how they look. they have the balls to wear it. that shows confidence. granted I'm not gonna like it. but at least a girl has some confidence to do such a thing

    also, who says clothes are worn to be attractive. their worn for common decency (exception of nudists, that's another story). why bitch about it?

    im guessing you're insecure about your body as well

    • they're worn*

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    • I agree with you. I wear short shorts but I just make sure my azz does not fall out. I wear them because it is just to hot to wear pants. I want to stay cool so I wear it. I feel more comfortable to wear that then a dress.

    • than a dress*. dresses are seen as feminine, so if your not that feminine of a girl its OK that you would prefer shorts over dresses. people wear clothes (shorts included) for themselves, not to be attractive to others (be it a guy or girl)

  • Look at Mexican TV shows for lots of girls dressed like that who reeeaally shouldn't be...

  • I think it's because that's the current trend in fashion for girls, and they usually look good on them.

  • Because the are attention whores. I prefer jeans on my woman. Gives a lot more figure.

  • I think that you have the body to pull short shorts off. You go girl

  • Those are HOT!

    • They don't that's true, but as a butt guy I love them. Do I think girls should wear them all the time? No. Short shorts yeah but not that small.

    • Fat? People are stupid.

  • It's nice if you have the assets to flaunt. It's defintleybvery sexy and all girls show dress as such.

  • They're hot, and I have seen even shorter shorts where part of their butt is exposed. But hey they want attention. Girls make great sex toys.

  • Because they are hot.

    P.S. The girl in your link is bangin

    • ur a pig

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    • I never mentioned anything about hot guys. All I said was fun guys. Quit twisting my words. It doesn't work and makes you look like a moron. And when most of the guys answering your question say the girl in your link is hot.. are you honestly going to tell me you don't think they make you hot? I mean you have to be kidding

    • well that's still not true because guys liking girls who show a lot of skin doesn't have anything to do with making them fun. I don't even know what you mean by fun. I know a lot of nice fun guys they are better then dirt bag "fun" guys. I don't think the shorts make someone hot. if your hot then your hot it doesn't matter what you wear you can where a sack and look hot. if your ugly maybe and put a lot of makeup on and those shorts maybe you can look "hotter"

  • Short shorts are the "in" thing right now for girls. Go into any clothing store that caters to teenage girls and you will find short shorts.

    • ya and it stays that way because girls buy them!

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    • girls buy what they want to wear, not what they think should be worn

      guys as well, just guys don't really care as much. unless theyre gay or metro (metro is just a straight way of saying "in the closet"

    • nope actually a lot of girls just shop to impress others. why would they buy sexy clothes to impress themselves?

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  • I used to think short shorts were a big deal and didn't wear them.

    I'm 19 now and my attitude has changed. I don't wear a lot of short shorts, but I have no problem with them and have worn them.

    Here's the thing. In high school, you think they're "slutty". It's cause the "slutty" girls are wearing them. They're actually not that bad. They just show off legs. And not in a slutty way. See, it's about how you wear the shorts, not the fact you're wearing them.

    If you pair them with a lot revealed on top too, that's pushing it. It's one thing to wear a "sexy" piece. It's another thing to go trashy.

    The thing is, if you don't want to wear short shorts, that's your concern, and no one elses. And if other girls wear them, who cares? It's their life. And you shouldn't judge everyone who decides they want to wear them.

    Frankly, it's not those that bother me. It's these:


    Cause her ass is flat-out showing. THAT is gross.

    I promise you, one day you're gonna get over the short shorts thing. I thought exactly the same as you did once upon a time.

    • "im not trying to be judge I just think girls who wear them want attention for the wrong reasons and I wish girls would respect themselves more then to be a sex symbol"

      how is that not judging?

      you're saying that all girls wearing these shorts are wanting attention for the wrong reasons, that they don't respect themselves, and they just want to be sex symbols.

      Some girls might see it that way (even some posting on this) but that's not it with all of them.

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    • That's fine, I get it. But you're a pretty girl and other girls being/doing whatever they want to do shouldn't really be of concern.

      I don't know why you would post the question you posted on this site. It's just prejudice. You don't need that. I'm sure you're a nice girl. Don't bother with the negative connotations towards other girls. You're all young anyways (yeah fine, so am I), but you'll see what I mean soon enough.

    • its not really prejudice to ask why girls where short shorts? they know its because they wanna show off and look hot/slutty otherwise they wouldn't do it. why would they do it for themselves. shorts to need to be that short even if they claim its because its hot. guys do just fine in shorts to there knees(not saying I wanna wear shorts that long

  • I dance so I've grown accustomed to short outfits. one costume dress I wore was so short only part of the asymmetrical hem covered my spankies, but it was cute and super comfy. though I did get some confused stares walking to the theatre to perform because of the sequined all over dress and heavy stage makeup.

    Dance is great because it gives me the legs to pull off short shorts. I don't wear them with my butt hanging out, they always cover the curve of my butt and at least 1'' lower too. I find them the most comfortable, same with skirts because a long skirt brushing against my legs really bothers me. In my opinion, if you're fit and your butt isn't hanging out, short shorts are great!

  • You're totally right, it looks ridiculous.

    Saw it just yesterday at uni, this chick had a good body but you could see the bottom of her butt cheeks as she walked and I'm thinking "girl it's not underwear" if a guy were to show that much he'd be arrested for indecency.

    I reckon if your going to wear them that short you might as well go work the corner.

    • theres a dispute on how much can be shown for it to be indecent exposure. I think certain states in america have certain rules. I dk about other countries

  • Personally, I only wear short shorts when I'm going to the beach...more out of comfort reasons... I wear shorts like I wear pants in a sense.. I wear the ones that fit me best and are comfortable.. I wouldn't be caught dead going to school in the shorts that I wear on my more laid back (beach) days just because I don't feel comfortable enough with me body yet. Call me a slut all you want but I don't find wearing short shorts slutty.. :) ...Hope that made sense...

    • yes I wear them on the beach not walking around or to school.

    • the beach is "walking around". there's no difference. lol

    • yeah there is a difference walking around town or out about is different then on a beach where everyones wearing bathing suits

  • All clothing is worn for attention, regardless of how much it shows. It is worn for attention, maybe different types of attention, but attention none the less. Don't criticize what another girl wears just because you think she is digging for the wrong attention. She may think YOU are digging for the wrong attention.

  • I don't like seeing it either. It's the same for guys who see other guys with really low riding jeans and their ass crack is showin.

  • I really don't care about the shorts,seeing as I have pair. I think it's problem when you're wearing them in 30-40 degree weather. I also hate it when fat girls wear them, not big girls, fat girls there's a difference. Wanna know why? I always end up getting stuck behind these girls on the stairs at school. I don't like ass in my face.

    link "It's like a walrus flossing"

  • i wear them lots of times, but I'm still a virgin, I still haven't had my first kiss and I'm 16. I wear short shorts and belly tops, people think of me as a slut I guess, but I don't act like one. I just dress sexyy :$

  • oh I wear those kinds of shorts everyday to collage and certainly don't feel unsecure about my body. I don't see a problem with it. I find them comfortable and well suited for the hot weather.

  • You sound very judgmental and insecure. Short shorts may not be your cup of tea(of mine as a matter of fact), but that doesn't mean they have to explain anything to you. If they have a nice body they might as well show it off. I think you're pretty insecure for judging other girls, but OK. Some people have nice bodies and know when to show it off.

    • i don't think being a show off is a good thing. I think modesty is more important. not every girl who wears them has a nice figure anyway. some are "curvy" chubby and they look nasty. I'm not insecure that's why I don't show off my body

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    • @ Question Asker:

      So you are fat! Fat girls can't look flattering. And fat girls don't look slutty. They just look fat

    • link no I'm not fat that's me moron

  • Hmm ... this isn't always necessary the answer. Personally, I prefere to wear shorts because I find them very comfotorble rather than trousers or leggings or whatever. Also, shorts keep me cool.

    • yes but you see I wear these link as compared to these link and some girls are so short the pockets hang out

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    • Exactly I'm confused & shocked ...

    • ok so she doesn't no if she's telling me I'm the first girl she's seen who doesn't wanna go it off or if she's asking me, because if she was asking I wouldn't know because I don't know what kinda girls she sees and also she's not even seeing me she seeing what I'm writing.

  • dont like that

  • I agree QA. I think they're immodest and just shows a lack of class. Only street-walkers wear that short of shorts.

  • I love wearing shortish shorts... those are fine. But when you can see where the thighs touch the leg it's disgusting. And I HATE IT WHEN THE SHORTS ARE TOO TIGHT! They might be cute if you'd get them in YOUR SIZE!

  • LOL. I hate in gym class when they wear volleyball shorts.. those are like panties.. these 2 girls wore them and I thought yeah whatever there skinny show of your legs w.e. then this other girl saw them wearing them and she was jealous so she wore them the next day, but they wer obviously way to tight she wasn't the skinniest and I just thought w.e her embarrasment not mine... but to get to the point I think they wair? them to compete with other girls in who looks the best.

  • Baah, I wear short shorts because it's freaking warm outside at the summertime, not because I want to be or seen as a slut, I get so grumpy when it gets too warm, and I'm not wearing shorts.. feel so much better when they're short, and ofcourse not to short, my butt cheeks are welly covered. :) Don't understand people fussing about it, just let others live like they want to.. :)

    Remember, it's just leegs! :D

  • i wear short shorts and I'm not desperate for attention of any man and don't need to feel secure. I'm not at either but I wouldn't give a sh*t if I was people's clothes don't define who they are and maybe some people just feel good/liket he way the shorts look, simple as.

  • I live in califoria By like hollywood and honey if you don't like short shorts don't visit

  • I hate short shorts. They ARE slutty and desperate, imo.

    • haha yeppp best answer =]

  • im not a sexually repressed, conservative freak. so I wear my short shorts. I'm not fat but I'm curvy, definitely not shaped like a stick. I like my short shorts sometimes. theyre hot, sexy. and I don't wear them for guys half the time, I wear them because it gets freakin hot and they feel free and comfy and I like the way they look. ill wear whatever I damn well please. this isn't 1650 and women have the freedom to wear whatever they want. just because I don't share your narrow mindset doesn't mean I don't respect myself. please don't be so arrogant as to presume to know how I feel about myself based on a pair of shorts. get over yourself sweety.

    • curvy is a joke its fat. I'm slim and healthy and there's nothing wrong with that its not being a stick its be healthy. very rude of you to call me a freak because I'm not obviously you have some anger issues. k if its comfy to have your ass hanging out. k if your so confident why are you anonymous? the reason I am anonymous is because I don't want to be messaged and harrassed by crazy people like u.

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    • blablabla I'm done and sick of this question whatever have a nice day

    • lol ok

  • who cares? don't like it? then don't wear it

    why does it bother you so much if others do? does it harm you in some way?

    • im just sharing my opinion. does it harm you in some way?

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    • LOL @ Question Asker. What a hypocrite. "samoht why are you commenting on everything? wanna get a life?" The girl who asked this question has commented on almost every post. Wanna get a life?

      I have concluded that the girl who asked this question is:

      - A very insecure sorority girl

      - Emotionally unstable

      - a hypocrite

      - Immature

      - Jealous of extremely good looking women who know how to dress sexy

      - Fat

    • ya because its my question! your some random person. I'm supposed to respond to the answers. and no I'm not this is me link