Girls who wear super short shorts?

why do some girls where such slutty revealing short short shortssssssss! they think they look so hot too and maybe to some guys they do I don't know Because I'm not a guy but I just think they are really unattractive and not modest especially if your kinda fat. they look gross when their ass is hanging out. I think they are insecure about how they look if they have to wear those shorts to feel hot.

short like this link
im not trying to be judge I just think girls who wear them want attention for the wrong reasons and I wish girls would respect themselves more then to be a sex symbol. just because its the style doesn't make it appropriate.
these shorts don't leave much for the imagination
okay everyone this is me. link I'm sorry if you are offended because I think short shorts are slutty. people keep saying I'm fat and I'm not.
ignoring future posts I'm done


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  • Idk.. I like attention that doesn't make me feel like a sexual object.. But I'm a little prudish in that matter.

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      ha. thankies

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      I thought you were ignoring future posts?

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      I didn't make the question. Shouldn't this be posted in the answer box?