Why do guys always tell me I'm beautiful, hot, sexy and that I am perfect but none want a relationship with me?

I don't have a problem getting guys at all. They all think I'm so great, some even tell me they love me and want to marry me someday. Someday is the key word. I can't get anyone to want to be in a serious relationship with me. They tell me I'm pretty, that I have a great personality, and I have the qualities of the perfect wife. They all love to be around me but it becomes that I'm more one of the guys that they all want to sleep with but know it will never happen so they just joke around about it. Why can't I get a guy who wants to be in a relationship with me. The only guys who want the serious relationship with me live miles and miles away. If I'm so beautiful and perfect why can I not get a serious relationship?


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  • Without knowing you it's impossible to say. Clearly when these guys are telling you these things there's an unspoken 'but' implied. Something that's an obstacle, like your religion or the fact you have a small child they don't want to take on, or something like that that keeps them from getting serious with you.


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  • Its not all about looks personality plays a big part too. Maybe they think your to good for them that's what it sound like to me


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