I did a dumb dumb thing..how do I rectify it?

So I was flirting with a guy online and we exchanged numbers and spoke a while on the phone...things got a little out of hand and we sent some - uummm naughty pics - (not dirty- but just not the type you want your mother seeing). He said he liked what he saw etc... then the next day I took one that was a little more 'undressed' and sent it. I got nothing back. No message no nothing. It's been two days. I'm assuming he didn't like what he saw. Do I just let it go now? I don't want to give anymore of my dignity away on this.


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  • I highly doubt that he didn't like what he saw. He probably got caught looking at the pics by a parent or a girlfriend or something...now he's not allowed on the computer unsupervised. Or he's a complete jerk and now he's broadcasting your images over the Internet...not talking to you anymore because he was never interested in you, only your pics.

    Ouch...either way sucks.

    I could be totally wrong though. But I'm quite certain that the silent treatment is not because he didn't like what he saw.

    To rectify - eh, just learn your lesson. It's not a big deal...if it won't matter in 10 years, don't worry about it now. :)


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  • There's no way to rectify it now; its out there. I think you answered your own question; apparently he didn't like what he saw. Not your body, but the fact that you sent him too much. It may have given him the wrong impression of you. Be sure you get know the guy better next time.

    • Thank you for taking the time to answer - I heard from him a week later saying why didn't I answer he's calls and stuff - but I didn't realize it was him that was on a 'private number' either way I did learn my lesson from the scare itself. thank you

  • PLEASE get to know the guy first before you send NSFW (not safe for work) pictures on the web, he could be an asshole and post them around. The last thing you need is for a family member or friend to come across these photos of yourself.

  • Keeping your dignity is a good plan. You should try to leave more to the imagination.

    • Yeah you are right..but I am young and got a little ahead of myself :P I do not take it so seriously - just a blow to the ego though...

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  • He was after your pic , you are lucky to find out as soon as you did. to bad it could not have been sooner. live and learn, and certainly be more careful in the future