How to get rid of ugly girl?

ok so there's this girl who likes the same guy as me and she's like trying to copy me hahahaha she went to the hair salon and did her hair the same color/style as me. my guy friend (who likes me) told me he is just going out with her because he feels bad to say no. well anyways were trying to plan something to make her not like him so we can go out LOL any help/tips? she's nice but..a as pauly d would say...GRENADEEE lol and we wanna get rid of ASAP she's a stalker/creepy/obsessive/controlling type.

thanks (:


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  • Wow you sound like a b'itch no offence.

    I'm pretty sure the guy should just tell her right out, and be sincere.


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  • Your guy had the right idea first. Just be nice to her. We're all going to look like melted candles one day.


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  • Just tell her, honestly and be nice about it. Ever thought she might actually like him? genuinelly think he likes her? Ever think you might actually hurt her?

    It might be all some big joke to you but it's pretty shallow to 'plan' it all out and have a big joke no matter how annoying or clingy she might be. I know I wouldn't want to be her right now.

  • Nice to know that there are still shallow people in the world. Here's an idea- if you actually think this way about other people, then don't post it somewhere where people can criticize you because that's ALL people will be focusing on.