How can I get this look?

i know this wil look better when my hair grows out some. now it is like an inch past my shoulders and I really want to wear it straight but wenever I straighten it, it is flat and ugly. but I really want ym hair t be straight like the scene people do it. does anyone know how I can achieve this look?

like their hair is straight but it isn't flat straight. it is like pointy straight. please help! I will love you forever if anyone can help me acheieve this.





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  • Hun, I have the same hair!

    And the same stupid problem.

    We both have STRAIGHT, THIN hair. and it sucks! :D

    I love scene hair as well, what you do it grab a brush, hair spray, teaser, bobby pins, straightner and a clip!

    And Get Ready! :)

    Take the top part of your hair, and clip it up. Its kinda hard to explain but I'll try! :P Also bobby pin any extra bangs!

    You know how when you straighten your hair in different sections? Push your hair back and take the top layer of hair towards the middle of your hair and clip it. Straighten the bottom, and straight thin hair is perfect for this part.

    then take a small section of your clipped hair, and tease it and spray hair spray until it stays! Continue this, pretty much :D

    Soon you will have the top hair seen look.

    I hope I helped, and good luck with the hair! <3


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  • maybe you need to try some product to give your hair some body. Like mousse or some texturizing cream. If you want your hair longer you could try extensions for now. Try parting your hair in different places and who knows, you could come up with your own look!

  • The best way to get your hair like that is to go to a salon that specializes in Spanish hair, curly and all. I myself have normal hair but my puerto-rican mother introduced me to a place that does Spanish hair and it came out great. The way they do it makes your hair slightly thinner looking but straight and soft and smooth, they also can style it very easy. You can ask any Spanish salon and they will probably teach you how to do it or what to buy in particular and it will come out great.

  • lightly back comb around the crown of your head,use ''fructise'' styling gel for women! this will create the look you want! Hope it helps! good luck