Why do girls get their nails done?

I see tons of girls spending all their money on getting their nails done when guys don't really care that much about nails. Why do they spend all that money.


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  • Getting nails done, or hair done, or any similar treatments isn't really to impress guys. If we're looking to impress anybody, it's our girlfriends, since they'll be the ones to actually notice. More predominantly however, as a few others here have said, it's just a nice feeling to be attended to for a few minutes and to come out knowing that you look good.

    Personally, I'd totally go out and get my hair and nails done on a weekly basis if I had tons of expendable cash just for that latter reason.


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  • we don't do it for guys. I like to get pampered and I enjoy trying out new styles on my nails. the main people who notice are other girls. but I've had men tell me they like it too, to them I guess its a sign that a woman takes care of herself and likes to be really feminine. but no one picks out a gel solar set and does it thinking its gonna bring all the boys to the yard...

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  • I never go get mine done unless mom really wants me to go with her an she's paying ;) its way too expensive, a mani is like $20 when I could buy two full polishes for that price and do my own nails for free. I love painting my nails an always do it myself

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  • I just do it because it's like treating yourself to something. I find it cheers me up and makes me look well kept or prettier.

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  • Because they're not doing it for guys. They are using it either as a means of self-expression, or because their mom told them nails are important for being feminine (yeah I hate them for doing that as it's the stupidest thing they can do, yay for corrupting the mindset of the youth, congratulations...), or to increase their own confidence and self-esteem.

    Same goes for makeup. Self-expression, feminine identity, or confidence boost.

    • or because SOCIETY tells them that's what's important. Guys, peers, moms (maybe), media... lots of different factors included.

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    • I had a question like this about high heels and got many similar answers about women doing it for themselves!

    • "Because they like high heels", huh?

      Yeah. That's a generic response, and also acceptable, in my opinion.

  • Why do (mostly guys) work towards a gamerscore on the Xbox360 knowing full well that no one who it matters to will ever actually look at their gamerscore anyway?

    It lets them feel good about themselves, and improves their self confidence. Vanity is a sin everyone is guilty of, and the need to appease it will always be there. Don't think certain things like plastering makeup all over themselves or indeed, painting their nails and toenails is a waste of time, because it does help them, even if you don't realize it.

    In a world this depressing, I'd paint my nails simply to feel a little better about myself, too.

  • Enchantment.

    • tisk, videogames help you build a skill, plus, you don't have to pay 20 dollars each time you turn the play station on, pedis and manis on the other hand, don't do anything but cost money, don't add any skill, etc etc.

    • You didn't read what I wrote