What makes a guy look back?

Guys what makes a guy turn to look back at a girl after he walks past her or walks away from her? Why do guys do that? What are you looking at when you do that?


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  • I would not usually do that but if I really think I want to talk to a girl I'll give her another glance by turning and if she acknowledges that, I might just say 'Hi'. :)

    • What if it's someone you already know?

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    • But what if you were already talking to her? What would make you turn to look back at her as you walk away?

    • sorry about the late reply... well if that's the case, it would depend on maybe something I wanted to say that I couldn't get a chance to say or I didn't have the courage to say which made me turn and look back. OR maybe I had a conversation with you which I liked a lot and didn't get a chance to acknowledge that... so I look back and maybe smile.

  • I'll say her a$$... sorry but da's what men do...


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