Girls, what do you do to avoid having frizzy hair in rain/snow?

I see a lot of girls that do not wear hoodies or hold umbrellas, and walk outside in the rain and their hair still remains absolutely beautiful and flawless. How do they/you do this? And how do you girls prevent your hair from being ugly regardless.


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  • I have wavy hair so I've struggled with the same problem. When there is high humidity I put anti-frizz syrum in my hair. I use Garnier products, they seem to work for me. I'm interested to try some other brands though. Also, I will use a very weak hairspray so my hair doesn't get stiff and can still move. And if it's just not working, I resort to the pony tail! (a more stylish up-do is another option)


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  • i don't think there's a trick for it ... I just think everyone has different hair and maybe some get frizzier than others .. I come from a hot dry country where every where you go is air conditioned and you hardly ever walk outside .. now I live in ireland where it rains often .. I never experienced seeing a difference in the frizziness in my I don't know.. :]

    im just sharing what I think :]

  • put olive oil in it, it should keep it from frizzing and also keep it healthy and shiny