Getting a girl to go barefoot?

I have something of a foot fetish. Well, that's an understatement -- I'll look at a girl's feet instead of her breasts. Barefoot girls are my... Show More

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  • Just tell her that you know it's weird, but it would really mean a lot for you, and you'd be really appreciative if she'd do it. If my Boyfriend said this, I'd probably do it. I mean, there's really no reason not to.

    Well, the floor in movie theaters is *really* gross, and lots of stores make you wear shoes, so maybe I'd end up in flip-flops or something a lot of the time in public. Is that such a bad compromise?

    Anyway, if she's not sure, just ask her to do it once with you, then make sure to give her attention and make her feel good that day. Every guy has weird little things, so it's not that big a deal to do something. Tell her that you'll do her a favor sometime if she asks.

    Don't command her, but it *is* important to you. Make sure she knows this. Also, don't be too serious when you ask her. Instead, be fun and playful about it, and make her feel sexy.

    You're not gonna convince her to do it for herself, so I'd give up on that. But I bet she'll do it for you. I would. (Not that I'm offering!)

    • Yeah, fun and playful is my forte. Probably the best angle to take. It's pretty odd so making it funny can't be too hard. Flip-flops kinda spoil the magic, though. It's something about being in touch with the Earth. Yes, I'm bent that way :)

      Good news is that in my part of the world people go barefoot everywhere -- stores, cafes and whatever won't throw you out if you're barefoot. (Different gross threshold, I guess!) So some of the hard work's done. Making her feel sexy; no worries there!

    • Well, I don't know where you live, but I've never been in a movie theater where I would want to walk on the floors barefoot. But otherwise I'd be cool with it. I'm not crazy about shoes..

      Maybe she doesn't like her feet. I know a few girls who are really self-conscious about their feet. Whatever it is, I think you can probably get her over it. I really think you get her to do it once or twice and make her feel really appreciated... then she'll be barefoot & pregnant in no time! (just kidding :-)

    • You were pretty wise about this, thanks :)

      I wonder how many girls are like you -- happy to kick off their shoes but only for someone else?