Why do people think this about short guys?

I'm a short guy (only 5'4'') and people tell me I hve a great sense of fashion. I always get complimented on my sense of style and very rarely people say something bad about it. But I read somewhere on a forum that if a short guy dresses well it means he is overcompensating for his lack of height. Do people really think this? There were quite a few people that agreed with this on the forum too.


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  • some people think negatively of short guys so anything a short guy does will be criticized. ignore the haters


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  • Always different, but I always heard short guys big egos. Not always sure if that's true tho.

    But for the most there cool and normal just like any other guy.

  • 5'4 is too short for me. I would say personality, but 5'4 is crossing the line


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  • I never actually heard of that before but it does sound interesting

  • i think its bullsh*t that short guys get the short end of the stick no pun intended because tall girls and short girls are attractive but girls don't think of it the other way around just have to find girls under 5'4

    • So True, but even then half the time the girls who are shorter than 5'4 still want guys greater than 5'7 or more T_T Either way, just makes finding the ones who don't care about your height that much more special.

    • the majority of girls like the guy taller than them for because they don't want to feel like the dominate partner so being a a lot taller than them works but usually more then 3 inches taller because they like to wear 3 inch heels