What would you do when someone says we'd look cute together?

Someone tells you that you and a certain good opposite-sex friend of yours are "cute together" when they watch you interact? Is it normal to just ignore the statement? Or by saying nothing, both have already acknowledged that this in fact was a correct observation, but is taboo to bring up further, since one party is in a relationship?

What would you do if you were in the single girl's place? Or guy who is seeing someone else?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Generally when I'm the one saying that, it's just my way of saying "I approve of this partnership" or something along those lines.

    If I'm the victim, I normally blow it off if the other person is I'm not romantically interested in. Otherwise, I'll agree verbally in some way.

    I would assume if both were to say nothing, then it's a tacit agreement with the statement.

    As for if one person is in the relationship, I guess it's because the person who made the claim think you two are more compatible?

    Really, I shouldn't look too far into it. It's probably just the observer saying "you two look like you have a lot of fun with each other."