What would you do when someone says we'd look cute together?

Someone tells you that you and a certain good opposite-sex friend of yours are "cute together" when they watch you interact? Is it normal to just ignore the statement? Or by saying nothing, both have already acknowledged that this in fact was a correct observation, but is taboo to bring up further, since one party is in a relationship?

What would you do if you were in the single girl's place? Or guy who is seeing someone else?


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  • Generally when I'm the one saying that, it's just my way of saying "I approve of this partnership" or something along those lines.

    If I'm the victim, I normally blow it off if the other person is I'm not romantically interested in. Otherwise, I'll agree verbally in some way.

    I would assume if both were to say nothing, then it's a tacit agreement with the statement.

    As for if one person is in the relationship, I guess it's because the person who made the claim think you two are more compatible?

    Really, I shouldn't look too far into it. It's probably just the observer saying "you two look like you have a lot of fun with each other."


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  • That depends. If it were an acquaintance, I'd probably blow it off. If it were a close friend of the girl, I'd probably look into it as "she likes you and wants you to ask her out" or something along those lines.

  • if the guy is seeing someone, than it's a nice compliment but he's off limits. If both are single, maybe there's something there between them...

  • This is kindof a girl thing. I'll usually do this only if I know one of the people is interested in the other. It's really hard to just come out and say "I'm interested in you", but if I as a friend say "Wow you guys would make a great couple!" then it becomes almost a fun thing - the person that's interested can be like "haha can you believe him?!" but still get to see the other person's reaction. It's like having a wingman.

    If the other person is in a relationship that's different. You want to respect that, but at the same time, at your age, nothing is set in stone unless there's a marriage involved. It's OK to show interest and let someone know "hey I'm interested in you but I respect that you're in a relationship". It's way more dishonest to be like "yeah lets just be friends" when really you're romantically interested in that person. Just be honest and clear so no one gets hurt, espescially yourself.

  • it's a normal thing and it happens alot

  • you should say:

    " I make anyone look good "

    *smile* wink*


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  • anything but don't get a saturn! they always have problems and usually break down fast. because I have one and it sucks!

  • Ok well generaly it's bad manners to say something that will embarass or make someone uncomfortable.

    And no, it's not a fun "game".

    I would smile and move the conversation to another topic.