Which is the best body part for a girl to get a tattoo?

Recently I've been thinking about getting a tattoo but I'm not quite sure what design and which body part to choose though I have some ideas. I am quite slim and I don't think a big tatto would suit me, so I'm thinking of something small like a flower or a butterfly or smth like that. As to which body part is most suitable I hesitate among the back of my shoulder/neck, lower back or ankle though may be the back of my shoulder is a favorite. Pain is not an issue. I will endure it. So what do you think, where on my body should I get a tatto and what design would suit me most. (I woluld like smth symbolic and uncoventional though not strikingly extraordinary)

I will appreciate all answers from guys and girls though people who have experience in tattoooing or any other art form will be very helpful. Anyway a great idea can come from anyone )


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  • Forehead. "I will regret this sooner than I think". Spelled backwards / mirror image.

    Be sure to pick a nice font.


    Sorry for the sarcasm. Many people think ink is sexy - you mark up a perfect body, kind of violating it, for the sake of getting attention. Some of those people genuinely think tattoos are okay while others (guys) would accept anything conspicuous on temporary / casual girls only. More so in the case of tramp stamp tattoos.

    I think dragons and hearts and mermaids and butterflies and kanji (Asian letters) just scream "even for a tat on my own body I could not avoid a cliche)

    Something cool and futuristic would be interesting, like a QR code (a square barcode type patch, google it) that actually works. E.g. if scanned with a smartphone it can contain a link to your FB or home page or other info.

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      I have two tattoos. Neither of which you can see on a daily basis and both have meaning beyond a butterfly. I don't wear shorts hardly so the tattoo on my calf is hidden 99% of the time. My tattoos are one for my mom who passed in 06 and another for my daughter who was born in 10. I think tattoos aren't meant to be sexy they are meant to be a representation of the things dearest to you. Neither of mine are for attention also. Just a thought..

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      Now that's funny! lmao

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      hey honey even m planing to get a tatoo fr my mom...suggestions.