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Which is the best body part for a girl to get a tattoo?

Recently I've been thinking about getting a tattoo but I'm not quite sure what design and which body part to choose though I have some ideas. I am... Show More

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  • Forehead. "I will regret this sooner than I think". Spelled backwards / mirror image.

    Be sure to pick a nice font.


    Sorry for the sarcasm. Many people think ink is sexy - you mark up a perfect body, kind of violating it, for the sake of getting attention. Some of those people genuinely think tattoos are okay while others (guys) would accept anything conspicuous on temporary / casual girls only. More so in the case of tramp stamp tattoos.

    I think dragons and hearts and mermaids and butterflies and kanji (Asian letters) just scream "even for a tat on my own body I could not avoid a cliche)

    Something cool and futuristic would be interesting, like a QR code (a square barcode type patch, google it) that actually works. E.g. if scanned with a smartphone it can contain a link to your FB or home page or other info.

    • I have two tattoos. Neither of which you can see on a daily basis and both have meaning beyond a butterfly. I don't wear shorts hardly so the tattoo on my calf is hidden 99% of the time. My tattoos are one for my mom who passed in 06 and another for my daughter who was born in 10. I think tattoos aren't meant to be sexy they are meant to be a representation of the things dearest to you. Neither of mine are for attention also. Just a thought..

    • Now that's funny! lmao

    • hey honey even m planing to get a tatoo fr my mom...suggestions.

What Guys Said 38

  • Any body part that's usually covered up.

    (by clothes or by your natural fur :D )

  • on your skin I think green vines with white flowers coming out starting from your hip and up to your breast I think the contrast would look awsome with yours skin tone

  • Given the spectacularity of your ass together with the narrowness of your waist, I'd avoid getting a tattoo on your lower back. That's too much going on in a small area. If you put something on your back body, go for the shoulder or the neck--keep it away from your ass.

    You might consider your hip. I think that may be the best place given your features.

  • The bottom of your feet would be best.

  • I don't really like tattoos but something small like a butterfly on your lower back can be pretty sexy

  • Inside the vagina so your baby can see and appreciate the art you had put in!

  • None, I hate tattoos.

  • make sure it means something, you DO NOT want to regret a tattoo...id recommend waiting until you've thought it out, remeber you'll be living with it for the rest of yoru life

    • I completely agree. My first tatt was a dare, stubborn me got it and now I regret it.

  • Uhm, wrist?

  • my choice is on the hip... its easy to hide but you and the people you love know its there... classy but fun... if that's what your after...

  • I would say the back of the shoulder or on the upper part of your arm. one of the things that people don't think about when getting a tattoo is that, wile it is the idea to show it off, there are places where you not only will want to hid it, but you might have difficulty getting curtain jobs if you can't. I once had a teacher who got a tattoo during the school year and was told to ether hid it or the school was going to fire her. in all I would recommend for you to think of what you where on a normal day and think "will every one be able to see that tattoo?" or start buying cloths that will hid it.

  • It's hard to say what design would work best, because it should be something that you like, and I don't know you well enough to make such a judgement call. As to where to get it, that depends on what you get. For example, say you want a flower. Something like that would probably flow best with the curves of your body on your leg or on the side of your torso, as opposed to your shoulder or lower waist. Alternately, things like angel wings would, because of what they are, would be best suited on the shoulders.

    What kind of things do you like? What motivates you? What gives you that far away gaze or makes you giggle like a five year old? That'll help give an idea of what kinds of designs to recommend.

  • not your lower back and not a little butterfly stamp or something around your panty line. this is so played out. getting a tattoo is about expressing yourself, not expressing everybody elses ideas. make it a unique tattoo and put it somewhere besides these places. please. then send pics. lol.

  • id say around the waist, more to the front or pelvic region, or lower back. but not like a tramp stamp or something.

    possible the worst places have GOT to be arms and shoulders, or if you're a chola, a tattoo right across your boobs. why girls do this, I have no freakin clue. All of them are ugly and take away from attractiveness in my perspective.

  • No disrespect here, but doggystyle is even hotter when she has a sexy tattoo on the small of her back. In fact it's very sexy when she has a tattoo on the small of her back, as long as it suits her, and also as long there's no tattoo overload goin' on.

    Small of the back.

  • make sure it's not too small because small tattoos blur faster. definitely search around for a good artist a tattoo is permanent so don't be afraid to travel. as to placement upper back/shoulder and lower back is sexy on a girl.

  • UM, like no place. Why make yourself look like a tramp when in the future you need to dress up in a classy, sexy revealing dress and have that ugly tramp stamp showing on your beautiful skin? Do yourself a favor and forget about it. If you really insist on it get it on a part of your body that won't be as visible, like on your butt or just above your pussy.

    • Yes, because that's not "trampy" at all.

    • No, it's till trampy, just that most people will not see the tat and form the opinion that the tat belongs to a tramp.

  • Where on the body, maybe somewhere on your back higher up or on your shoulder or on the hip, the calf or legs somewhere, or on butt is nice. If you care about where you want to work in the future or if you care about what people think about you, then probably somewhere unnoticeable under clothing. Plus if you plan on having kids or maybe gaining weight, don't get it anywhere that will be affected by pregnancy and weight gain (stretching), IE the stomach.

    What type, probably something with some personal meaning. I've seen too many Asian symbols or tigers or daggers or sh*t like that. But things that have some interesting juxtapositions or something not the norm and original to you is probably the best thing to have as a tattoo, seeing as it's on you forever so-to-speak. Probably good to really research it and check out different shops before deciding.

  • it looks better on your hip

  • nowhere sorry

  • Lower Back

    • aka tramp stamp. don't do it

    • then just don't get one at all

  • on your lower back its very sexy there

  • by her belly, I think you have idea of what I'm trying to say

  • Tatoos along the ribs to the hips are gorgeous. It is a tattoo meant to be seen by the priviledged. Very very cool.

  • Im always a fan of the long ones on the side of the body that start on the side of your waits and curl around to just under the breast on the same side it started

    Also, can't go wrong with the V as mentioned before where your abs meet your waist as long as it goes along that V its so sexy.

    other that that I'm not big on tats and women and judging from your pics (had to look so I could tell you what would be best suited for you not to be a perv haha) Id say youd be better off with the V.

    Just DO NOT get the tramp stamp unless you want to wear a sign that says IM EASY on it, because whether you are or not that's how its interpreted by just about everyone who sees it

    • ha ha thanks for your oppinion.) I said I just hesitate what to do. That's why I ask. may be I have been influenced by the fact that a lot of people around me have tats

    • Glad to give it, to be honest I've been told by my best friend (shes like my little sister to me) that I'm a bit of a player and I know that if I see a tramp stamp that its going to be too easy and probably boring. where as a well done tatoo in the right place lets me know that there might be a little danger involved with a girl and that's almost like a greenlight for me to go after her. By danger I mean thatshes used to getting hit on so she's a challenge. I'm a player that loves players I guess lol

  • feet

  • breast

  • Don't be afraid of a big tat, what kind of personality do you have? I personally think a small tat like you are describing is overly girls and stupid, get something meaningful for you. as for the location, Ankles are dumb, tramps stamps are just that. I would recommend keeping it in an area that you can cover with a short sleeve shirt and a knee length skirt simply for when you wind up in job interviews etc.

  • i love it when girls have tatts behind the ear area or a sick peice on there chest

  • well since you want a small tat, put it on your neck

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What Girls Said 15

  • i would get my arm done

  • I think any part that's not going to be streched out by the time you're 70 is a good spot. A tat is 4ever and it's meant to look good, so look for a place on your body that makes the tat look good 4ever. As far as what you should get...you should have some idea of what you want. Otherwise you shouldn't get a tat. It should mean something to you. Maybe a person, a symbol. Something that is unique and nobody else has. Hope this helps! (:

  • It depends on what you want to get.

  • I have 5 tattoos and they all mean something special to me. They can all be covered by clothing (even in the summer) and a lot of people don't even realize that I have them. The hip is always a good starting point because it doesn't hurt and can be easily covered, but it is a typical place for a girl to get a tattoo. I have some on my feet and I love them but now that everyone has them they're definitely not unique. I think the lower back is so over done and is always associated with the kind of girls you wouldn't bring home to mom. The back is great because it'sbig and flat and gives you a lot of options as far as placement goes, but the biggest draw back is that you can't see them without a mirror (and since you should be getting a tattoo for you, it sucks that you can't admire it whenever you want to). On your side or ribs looks amazing and are practical (they don't really stretch, can easily be covered, and aren't exposed to much sunlight) but they hurt like a son of a bitch! Hope that helps!

  • Butt cheek, like me! :P

    • No, thanks... my butt is too sexy for this :P

    • Are you saying my butt isn't sexy? lol

  • I am also quite slim and I've got a tattoo on my foot, my rib cage (side) and my shoulder blade. in my opinion the shoulder blade hurt the least. your foot/ankle is where every chick gets a tattoo. I think the place I like the most is the rib cage. it hurt but is totally awesome. Its obviously easy to hide and is a cool surprise for people when they see you in a bathing suit or anything else that will show it. But make sure you get something meaningful to you, if its not then you will just end up hating it later in life.

  • I think the most important thing is that you get a tattoo to express something, not just for the sake of having one. I got one on my hip when I was 16 and I regret it - because it means nothing. On the other hand, I have one covering my shoulder that I designed and I LOVE it. Think it through, and think about what you want your tattoo to say. That should tell you where it would look best, too :)

  • You should get your tattoo on your back for a few very simple reasons. The skin on your back is least likely to stretch with weight gain/loss and ageing. And you can cover it when you need to look professional. (Unless I go swimming with a group no one even realizes I have a full back tattoo except my boyfriend).

    But whatever you get make sure you believe strongly enough in what it represents that you are willing to defend your choice to get it. Because your decision will be challenged.

    For me:"Never give up. Never give in. Impossible is only one perspective."

  • Lower back, because it's very suductive. or your neck. Basically somewhere where you can hide it easily for the later years to come.

  • on your hip would be so cute

  • Inner wrist for a small tattoo

  • i have three and I think tattoos on your lower back, between your shoulder blades or hips could be really sexy if you want a small one and you should really think about what you get before you get it because you're gonna have it forever, what may be sexy now might not be in 15 years time.

  • Legs and arms...

  • dont do it, tattoo's look tacky on women, especially coloured ones. you will look grimey and to be honest slutty. you're too pretty to go hiding what's naturally yours behind ugly inking. as ozzy osbourne says, if you wanna be different - don't get one!

    • thanks. I have not decided yet, that's why I ask. may be I'll give up doing it.

  • My advice would be to get a small one if this is your first time, just to get used to the idea of something on your skin permanently. My first tattoo was small and meaningful, on my lower inner ankle (easy to hide for job interviews and such).

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