What's a great way a guy can flirt that will give a girl goose bumps?

And what kind of flirting made you the happiest?

Yea I'm gonna try brushing the hair out of this girls face. Girls seem to like that


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  • personally I think the best way of flirting is starting with laughter, then after you get her laughing (not just to be nice but really luaghing) throw in "wow you have a beautiful smile". Then not only can she be comfortable with you for making her laugh but feel good about herself and how you view her too. I touch here and there is good to afterwards, like a touch of the hand,shoulder, face or a hug.

    • If I was the guy who asked the question I would put you as BEST ANSWER!


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  • Being respectful. That has always caught my attention. A guy looking into my eyes while talking to me.

  • practice the perfect smile and looking into her eyes, that always makse me really shy, but defidently gives me goosebumps. Oh and something like brushing the hair out of her face, if she has bangs or a piece that falls in front. that's allways good

  • if I am interested in him just catching him looking at me gives me goose bumps.;-)

  • find some way to touch her hair. that drives girls crazy!

    • Really? I jokingly mentioned that to someone and she said she'd kill me if I touched her hair. O.o

    • Yeah... touching the hair is a bit personal and can come off as creepy if she doesn't like you. Don't mess with the hair until you kiss or she's snuggling with you.

      Ever see Manos, Hands of Fate? In the movie, Torgo, this "demon" (but you never know it) just tries grabbing at this woman's hair... it's laughable now, but that's because it's so creepy and weird.

      Don't paw at women until you know it's ok, or until they start pawing at you first.

  • I wouldn't brush the hair out of her face unless you know her pretty well. what gives me goosebumps is when he smiles and looks into my eyes and just shows me he cares and respects me. or when he makes me laugh. oh light hugs are good too!

  • When you know the guy is geniunly interested in you


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