Which is better to be called: cute, pretty, hot, beautiful?

What characteristics, personality and looks-wise, makes a girl cute. I rarely get called beautiful or pretty, in fact, I don't think I even get called beautiful. I get called cute a lot by both girls and guys and it makes me feel like a 15 year old when I'm already 20..I wish I was called pretty more often..is being called cute a good thing and which would you prefer to be called? Thanks in advance!

Thanks for all your good answers!


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  • This is a good question. Personally I feel the word "hot" has become nebulous. I have seen it used about girls who are gorgeous and others who are cute. I've come to not know what it means -- it is unspecific. Beautiful, pretty and cute are more understandable but to me the girls with a great attitude, smile and personality are all beautiful.

    I would worry less about outer beauty and more about inner beauty. If you are beautiful on the inside people will see it on the outside. I once worked with a very homely woman. However, she dressed better than her feamle colleagues; had perfect makeup; was very capable at her job; friendly; always willing to help; and was self confident without being egotistical. As a result, she looked better than she looked.


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  • Beautiful. To me all the others are assessments on your looks, but beauty goes more then skin deep.

    • thats nice:)

    • wile I have called many girls Cute hot and even sexy, I have only once called a women Beautiful, and she was a women.

  • I don't know what is better. I'll call the girl whatever what she wants to be called.

  • Well, if someone called me cute, pretty or beautiful, I'd probably take it as an insult. So I'd have to bet on hot as a winner.

  • cute girls are more marriage material.


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  • Beautiful is more impactful than pretty or cute. Cute is annoying to be called. Pretty is like being lovely, it's not as credible as beautiful. Hot actually beats beautiful on most days, but beautiful just always hits homerun in the long run. One guy called me beautiful and touched my chin and then drew me in for kiss, couldn't use a better word than beautiful. Unless followed by "I love you" in there would make any girl go weak in the knees and feel special.

  • I feel you pain!

    I am tiny and I get called cute with a pat on the head (pisses me off sometimes) by guys and girls. I would like to be called beautiful inside and out.

    But being called cute is better than ugly.

  • anything but hot I don't like to be called hot its over used used for every one =[

  • beautiful..it's my favorite word :]

  • I‘d like to be called pretty or cute. They call you this cauz you can bring them happiness.

  • i'd rather be beautiful