Which is better to be called: cute, pretty, hot, beautiful?

What characteristics, personality and looks-wise, makes a girl cute. I rarely get called beautiful or pretty, in fact, I don't think I even get called beautiful. I get called cute a lot by both girls and guys and it makes me feel like a 15 year old when I'm already 20..I wish I was called pretty more often..is being called cute a good thing and which would you prefer to be called? Thanks in advance!

Thanks for all your good answers!


Most Helpful Guy

  • This is a good question. Personally I feel the word "hot" has become nebulous. I have seen it used about girls who are gorgeous and others who are cute. I've come to not know what it means -- it is unspecific. Beautiful, pretty and cute are more understandable but to me the girls with a great attitude, smile and personality are all beautiful.

    I would worry less about outer beauty and more about inner beauty. If you are beautiful on the inside people will see it on the outside. I once worked with a very homely woman. However, she dressed better than her feamle colleagues; had perfect makeup; was very capable at her job; friendly; always willing to help; and was self confident without being egotistical. As a result, she looked better than she looked.