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She doesn't feel that way about me. I don't understand why she acts this way

we kissed, and then she said she doesn't feel that way about me.I am confused ...

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  • she may be confused and not know what she wants. I advice you to move on. don't waste time on someone who will only hurt you.

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  • She's confused; often before a girl becomes a woman she sends mixed messages and is over analyzing every little thing you've done together or what you've done while she's watched.It's hard to say when a child will grown up, sure their body grows at an ever increasing rate; but sometimes the mind is slower, or is looping at an age bracket.One thing is always certain; women are less logical and more emotional - they won't always make sense.Make this two: Living with one is often what made me have gray hair at 22.See if you can pick out the dry humor friend and; someones you need to put aside logic and do what feels right -STK

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