Is it a turn off if a girl changes her hair texture?

As in flat ironing, perming, or curling her hair? I have wavy hair, but I usually flat iron it a bit since I have bangs. I get different responses when I wear my hair natural or straight though. So do you prefer a girl to leave it natural or you don't care? Thoughts?


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  • I prefer natural, but if she doesn't like it that way then it's whatever.


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  • I have wavy hair too and its very thick and coarse. So I have had the hardest time styling my hair and have tried everything to try and alter it. My husband has no idea why I would want to straiten it he loves my natural hair. I thought well he loves me so he's a freak anyways but you know I realized other guys compliment me on my hair and in the past after I've went through hell trying to straiten it with the flat iron I have had male friends come and ask me why and tell me that it looks great like it usually is (I am not sure how my hair looks great to anyone lol) and just mess up my hair so its curly and fluffy again. I think guys like hair that they can touch, healthy hair, I do think they prefer silky hair but that's not my texture. If you'd freak to have a guy touch your hair or have a lot of product I do think its a turn off. If your hair looks good, smells good, feels good, and they can put their hands in it I think they are happy. Guys also seem to like long hair.