Why do girls like to wear flip flops so much?

It's unclassy and sometimes they just look so sweaty, stinky, and nasty. Why would you wear something like that? Sweaty, stinky, and yuck? Bleh.

And I find it funny how girls spend so much money making their sweaty feet look "pretty" but it still doesn't take away from the fact that they're takign their feet out and whiping their sweat all over the floor GROSS.
Girls are supposed to be class, not look like white trash!
Those who don't believe me, 7 out of 10 girls walk around with flip flops like these... link
Fine you can say your opinion I won't interrupt.
Girls deny that they get sweaty feet... You don't believe me, then seriously smell your frickin flops that you wear all day! Then tell us!

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    I feel that my flip flops are often far cleaner than my shoes. Sure, there might be a little dirt in there, but since when did a little dirt on one's feet kill someone?

    In contrast, feet trapped in shoes smell more than flip flop ones. This is because all the sweat/dirt/etc gets trapped and builds up in there. They smell. They take more work to keep from smelling badly. Flip flips may get dirt prints, but they don't smell like shoes, there's probably dirt prints in many shoes out there too, you just don't see them. Most flip flops only last a season, so they don't get the years of build up.

    All I need to do to clean my flip flops off is walk through a mostly water puddle. Or a hose. Or a lake or river. Or rains.

    BAM! clean feet and flip flops. Do any of this in shoes and your feet are worse of than before.

    Also, flip flops will never wear the skin off of the backs of my heals or toes.

    There are less socks to put through the laundry at the end of the day.

    Any fancy polish work to my toes gets to be shown off.

    They're easy to throw on and off, into a bag, carry around etc.

    They're cheap, and easy to match to anything casual.

    In short: they're versitle, comfy, affordable, and probs cleaner than shoes.

    Despite what you seem to think.

    Whatever, haters gonna hate.

    Or you've got a fear of feet.

    Or maybe you should look up from the ground once in a while.

    Or if you really just don't want to see feet, I'd really like to see some people walk around with bags over their heads 'cause I don't wanna see that either. But you ain't gonna see me complaining about it.

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    Flip flips are the best!! They're so much more freeing and comfortable than other shoes. They make your legs look longer by not cutting you off at your ankles and it helps to make sure your feet are tan in the summer. Your feet would get super sweaty if you wore socks and shoes all summer in the heat! They're also really easy when you're in a hurry to leave you can just slip them on and kick them off when you want and they go with pretty much anything.

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    Flip flops are disgusting and they are very bad for your feet. I don't know why anyone wears them, not just girls. Plus I live in a city, and see people wearing flip flops all the time in the summer. I don't understand it, because the city is so fucking dirty your feet will turn black from the dirt. Especially if you ride the subway.

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    Holy fuck those flip flops were gross! Personally I rarely see women wearing gross flip flops. I have a collection of like ten sets of flip flops and sandals and if they get dirty, I wash them. My feet only sweat when I'm wearing close toed shoes, which is why I dislike closed toed shoes.
    Meet cleaner girls.
    And don't call anyone white trash bc of a clothing choice you jerk

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    A lot of guys wear flip flops too.

  • I wear flip flops a lot because my favorite pair of black flats broke. In the summer I wear flip flops because it is hot out and in the winter I wear flip flops because I honestly hate wearing shoes.

  • Tell this to people from desert cultures who frequently use flip flops! I'd love to hear the earful you'd get!

  • its comfortable, casual, practical, cute... I can't believe you think flip flops are all these things you said, it doesn't make sense to me :D yeah, they get sweaty sometimes, but unclassy? not at all. but I respect your opinion..

  • They're cheap, easy to wear, comfy, and I am too lazy to wear shoes all the time in the summer lol

  • bc their comfy and I wash mine

  • haha so we can feel comfortable!

  • I am with you on this, can't stand flipflops! There is always a better shoe choice

  • It sure beats soaking my feet in sweaty smelly sneakers all day. I prefer them to breathe, thank you very much. And I sure as hell am not gonna screw up my back, hips, and legs, and be in pain all day, just to wear "pretty" shoes, to make your day easier.

    Why do guys wear ugly ass shoes that are nasty and falling apart, or that have a stench that'll knock out anyone in a 20 foot radius, as soon as he takes em off? How is that any better?

    • LOL. Give him hell, sister!

  • They're very comfortable.

  • your feet get really hot in the summer in sneakers and stuff, I love flip flops...they are more comfy and they keep me cooler, usually when I wear reg. shoes I'm actually warmer...my eet actually don't sweat when I wear them and my feet don't stink...the downside is sometimes your feet get dirty and then some girls can't run in them, and they break easily. sure they aren't classy but they are better in the warm weather.

  • I hate that word. People who use the word "class" or "classy" think that they are so much better than everyone else. Just because I have more money than you doesn't make me a better person. You know?! And telling someone they have no class, or aren't classy is just saying that you think you are so much better than everyone else that you have to use the word "class" on a regular basis. Sorry, just saw that word, and it erked me, and I had to vent. :P

    To the question. Most girls don't wear light colored flip flops because they get dirty so easily. I personally only wear dark colored rubber flip flops. If you wear dark colored shoes dirt doesn't show up as well. Also, wearing rubber flip flops means that stuff doesn't stick to them, it kinda just wipes right off. I wear flip flops in the summer and spring because it's hot and my feet will sweat more if they are in a closed toe shoe. And they will smell WAY worse. Also, I'm an athlete and after I get done with a running workout I just want to get my feet out of those shoes and put on flip flops.. and after gymnastics it's a lot easier to get your foot into a flip flop with tape on then when you have tennis shoes on. I love flip flops. And I will continue wearing them because they are comfortable and easy to put on in the summer.. who wants to put a closed toe shoe on after swimming or after going to the beach?! You just have a weird problem and should get help. Besides, guys wear flip flops and have WAY sweatier feet than girls...

  • so are sandals ok?

  • theyre so comfy and they go with everything! lol

  • You can judge a girl by the type of shoes she wears.

    FlipFlops = I don't care about how I look. I have no class and I choose the easy way out. Always.

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      Hope you're kidding

  • dont

  • Comfort! I love my rainbows. And pullen off corectly, they can be classy. I guarentee that you could not go around in 5 inch heels for one day, let alone most of your life.

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    I pretty much always wear flip flops if I'm not working.

  • I'll have to disagree with you about flip flops on a girl unclassy because I see girls in the mall or in preppy places look absolutely fine. Every time I see a girls in flip flops I'm attracted to them and this is one of the reasons I like summer time.

  • That thwacking or flip flop sound is completely avoidable! I wear them from time to time and I have NEVER made that sound walking in them. Some people do this just to be annoying in my own personal opinion. As I have seen many folks, both girls and guys wear them WITHOUT making ANY NOISE, so it can be done if the wearer of said flip flops doesn't want to make that gad awful annoying sound.

    Also don't bother to come to my state, Florida, as flip flops are very common in my area, so if you really hate flip flops as bad as you claim, then please don't come to Florida, as these are pretty much the normal shoes all year long here! And yes, even in our Winter months when it may drop occasionally to below freezing for a day or two or in 48-55 degree weather folks are still wearing flip flops here in Florida!

    So Florida would definitely have you climbing the walls with just about every person wearing flip flops here.

    • Oh and I do agree with the one anonymous poster about flip flops should NOT be worn at work or at upscale restaurants. I too believe that to be an unprofessional look and just out of place in a fine dining establishment. And many restaurants here that are upscale have signs on their doors, NO FLIP FLOPS and they will turn you away if you're wearing them, doesn't matter how classy you think they look, these restaurants WILL NOT SEAT or SERVE YOU if you come to them in any type of Flip Flop!

  • Flipflops are okay for some things, WORK IS NOT ONE OF THEM! And neither should they be worn at UPSCALE RESTAURANTS! It's unprofessional and it is tacky.

    If I walk into what is "supposed" to be a professional office and the receptionist or any other female worker is wearing flip flops, they've just lost my business. Also flip flops are just as bad for your feet as high heels.

    Apparently a lot of people read only what they want and deny the other issues that these shoes (flip flops) can also create and cause. They can do just as much damage as high heels, just in a different part of the foot. It's been medically proven and their are many medical sites over the 'net that give this info.

    Yet, guys and girls continue to wear these shoes?

    They really ARE NOT at all as comfortable as all you folks claim either, after awhile they can cause blisters or pain between the toes when worn too long. If you're going to wear flip flops, in my opinion you'd be better off losing them and just be in barefeet, which is healthier than wearing flip flops.

    Quite frankly when I see folks wearing them, I just don't know why they bother to even put them on. They don't offer any protection of the foot, they have no real benefit to being worn. So why not just go out in barefeet and lose the shoes entirely? You say you wear them to be more like being in bare feet, so why have them if you're just going to wear some flimsy piece of plastic under your foot that serves no real purpose?

    • I've read some of those sites because I wear FF's from time to time myself. And yes, they can do some damage to your feet. But even so, I don't wear them EVERY DAY on EVERY HOUR like many of the girls do. So yes, High Heels can do damage, but so can flip flops, the only shoe recommended was a type of athletic shoe, being in bare feet was actually better than wearing any shoes at all. I live in Florida where both FF's and barefeet are common. No Boyfriend at work, but FF 's seem to OK at some.

  • On your last update, why not you pick up year sneakers and smell them?

    But its true; flip-flops are HOT; but they either end up exposing the uncleanness of a girl or it shows she CAN wear flip-flops with style. And people who are indifferent to this are just as unclean because they don't care how their feet look. I am so sure only a few will get my point.

    • Type: this line: No Boyfriend at work, but FF 's seem to OK at some

      Should have read: No Barefeet at work, but FF 's seem to be OK at some.

      Somehow the site interprets the shortened version of BareFeet, just using the B and F translates to "Boyfriend" as that IS NOT what I typed!

  • I don't know, but the slapping sound they make, truly pisses me off.

    • I agree and they can be worn WITHOUT making any of those sounds. It's all in how the end user walks in them and they can do it. They are worn by just about everyone here in Florida and 95% don't go around with the thwacking, slapping or flip flop sound when walking in them. I wear them and I have NEVER made that sound, not ever, walking in them. Those that do, annoy the hell out of me too!

  • well I have a foot fetish and I love it when girls wear flip-flops

  • hi I'm a virgin. thank you.

  • I am a guy and I wear flip flops bahahaha :).. get over yourself my friend.. open your eyes and live your life instead of worying about unneccessary sh*t like this.

  • Wow, people get really defensive about flip flops. That is a sad day. It's just flip flops people, love em or hate them, they're here to stay (at least for now). The OP has his own opinion and that's cool. Not sure why people are getting so inflamed and calling him a troll, but to each their own.

    • Thanks for defending me man.

  • Hmmm legit question. All things aside to me its like nails on a chalkboard when I hear that maddening sound flippity flopping around.

    But I think it depends on the person. Some people actually give a damn and take proper care of their feet and flip flops. Others have crusty crocodile skin, odor, sweat, and visible dirt. yeah I feel you. Generally people wear them to prevent odor and sweat, and to be comfortable. But uh it can get out of hand in terms of where people where them and how they wear them... makes my skin crawl just thinking about that.

  • Flip flops are extremely comfortable and there's nothing less classy about them than sneakers. Sure feet sweat, but they do it a lot less in sandals than in shoes. Just because you have some phobia of feet doesn't mean other people shouldn't dress how they like.

  • lol this dude successfully trolled 100 people...

  • Haha, you're kinda right in a way... but I still think flip-flops look nice on girls and it's their choice. No one says anything about a guy who wears sweaty and dirty sandals, so who should care if a girl wanted to do it?

  • Thats your opinion I think flip flops look great on girls!

  • Maybe they like the 'flip, flop' noise they make?

  • I actually agree with you. I think their love of the comfort of flip flops are clouding their judgement.

  • I like to wear flip flops dude. Not all the time. Cause if I'm going to be walking a lot I would sometimes prefer sneakers/shoes for more long term comfort, but then if it's really hot, and I'm not like going to be walking literally for a long time. And I figure girls probably have some of the same reasoning. And some probably think their more comfortable than shoes, cause your feet would just get as sweaty or even sweatier than what they would wearing sandals.

    I think you just think feet are repulsive or something and that's why it bothers you.

    I don't find feet attractive by any means, but sometimes on rare occasions I can see like where they could look cute wearing sandals some cloth shorts and like a tank top, with like their bikini underneath. lol

  • You posted a pic of white flip flops so yeah they will collect and have visible dirt over time which is why a lot of girls wear black or darker colored flip flops. I think they look good on girls (well the ones with nice feet lol).

  • Doesn't bother me if they do. Nothing wrong with being casual on a hot summer day. It's not like they're gonna wear them on their wedding day or anything

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