Why do girls like to wear flip flops so much?

It's unclassy and sometimes they just look so sweaty, stinky, and nasty. Why would you wear something like that? Sweaty, stinky, and yuck? Bleh.

And I find it funny how girls spend so much money making their sweaty feet look "pretty" but it still doesn't take away from the fact that they're takign their feet out and whiping their sweat all over the floor GROSS.
Girls are supposed to be class, not look like white trash!
Those who don't believe me, 7 out of 10 girls walk around with flip flops like these... link
Fine you can say your opinion I won't interrupt.
Girls deny that they get sweaty feet... You don't believe me, then seriously smell your frickin flops that you wear all day! Then tell us!


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  • I'll agree that flip flops don't look classy at all, and they make a horrible sound when you walk with them. But your feet are actually way less likely to smell with flip flops than if they've been trapped inside your socks and shoes on a hot summer day. They're nice to wear when it's really hot out and you want your feet to breath. And when I wear them I usually get the kind with the dark bottoms so they don't look all dirty and gross. Like these: link

    • They don't stink? Obviously not as badly as shoes but come on they look like they would...

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    • The sole.

    • Haha yeah all girls who don't think my phobia is rational...wear you flip flops all day tomorrow and smell them and get back to us. LOL

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  • Umm you're crazy. And probably have an issue with feet. Get over it. People have preferences and they're comfortable and practical for warm weather. I don't even know how people could agree with you.

  • Us girls, like to go out and get pedicures, and pretty colors painted on our toes. So after allll that, why would we throw those nicely groomed feet in a pair of gym shoes? I think if a girl has pretty feet, she should flaunt them.& flip-flops are the perfect way to show em off. I don't see too many girls, walking around with dirty feet & ugly flip flops..lol that's not cool. Maybe your surrounding yourself with the wrong kind of women! :o

  • Ok, so you don't like flip flops, and you seem to be disgusted by feet in general. No big deal. Most women do wear flip flops and some can be very stylish, some are beach flip flops nothing more.

    So, here is my solution. The next girl you date, make sure she doesn't have any feet. That will solve all your problems! NO FEET, NO FLIP FLOPS! No sweaty, stinky bleh! No problems!


  • The flip-flop ad right next to QA's question --> the irony is RICH.

  • Um, yeah I see just as many guys as girls wearing them especially when its warm. What's better, pretty manicured feet or hairy ass feet that clearly haven't seen the light of day or grooming since last August? (if ever) You need to take your reverse foot fetish out on someone else. I think white flip flops are disgusting but expensive leather flipflops are very nice.

  • Why do guys sag their pants? Why do guys mess with their junk? Why do some people still wear Crocs?

    "Cause they want to"

    It's so much easier for me to find a pair of plain, but nice, flip flops, rather than expensive sandlas or flats, to go with my floral dress or plaid skirt. If I'm just going to the movies, or possibly stopping by the beach, I'm going with flip flops. If I'm going out to eat or something less casual, I'll whip out my nicer shoes. Flip flops are just easier. Guys don't have to worry about accesories quiet as much as girls do haha

  • What does it matter? I don't give to sh*ts about people's foot apparell and neither should anyone: Live and let others live!

    • f*** ya! BTW I really fandy latina women because they are big on taking care of their feet me gusta los pies de la mujeres latinas :) hope I said that right

  • I hate that word. People who use the word "class" or "classy" think that they are so much better than everyone else. Just because I have more money than you doesn't make me a better person. You know?! And telling someone they have no class, or aren't classy is just saying that you think you are so much better than everyone else that you have to use the word "class" on a regular basis. Sorry, just saw that word, and it erked me, and I had to vent. :P

    To the question. Most girls don't wear light colored flip flops because they get dirty so easily. I personally only wear dark colored rubber flip flops. If you wear dark colored shoes dirt doesn't show up as well. Also, wearing rubber flip flops means that stuff doesn't stick to them, it kinda just wipes right off. I wear flip flops in the summer and spring because it's hot and my feet will sweat more if they are in a closed toe shoe. And they will smell WAY worse. Also, I'm an athlete and after I get done with a running workout I just want to get my feet out of those shoes and put on flip flops.. and after gymnastics it's a lot easier to get your foot into a flip flop with tape on then when you have tennis shoes on. I love flip flops. And I will continue wearing them because they are comfortable and easy to put on in the summer.. who wants to put a closed toe shoe on after swimming or after going to the beach?! You just have a weird problem and should get help. Besides, guys wear flip flops and have WAY sweatier feet than girls...

  • I don't sweat in my flip flips,i wear them all the time if I'm going to the beach or if its really hot outside

  • only slobs have flip flops that look like those. most girls have nice flip flops. I know I do! and flip flops can be cute. AND they aren't stinky or sweaty or smelly. theyre comfortable and easy to put on. they only are smelly if you have naturally smelly feet...but then any shoes you wear are smelly so... :/

  • It sure beats soaking my feet in sweaty smelly sneakers all day. I prefer them to breathe, thank you very much. And I sure as hell am not gonna screw up my back, hips, and legs, and be in pain all day, just to wear "pretty" shoes, to make your day easier.

    Why do guys wear ugly ass shoes that are nasty and falling apart, or that have a stench that'll knock out anyone in a 20 foot radius, as soon as he takes em off? How is that any better?

  • Seriously? Wow. They can be cute...It depends on how you wear them.

  • Yey, a guy that's being honest about what girls shouldn't wear. I love it! I agree those things should only be worn when your going to the beach. Not to work , going to the mall or everyday wear. It doesn't matter how hot it is, or how many colors you have them in. I especially hate it when girls/women wear them to work. Shit, why not just wear your DAMN slippers, ugh.

    • Finally a girl that agrees with me! Girls deny that they get all nasty and sweaty looking like the ones above, but I've seen so many girls walk around with nasty flip flops like that (see above picture).

    • Oh nice, since we have a girl here actually listening to what guys think about what girls wear, here's a big one: Baggy, gangster-looking clothes. What makes a woman a woman is her curves (at least to us men), even the thick ladies have curves but I see so many women wearing all this nasty baggy clothing, they look like dudes! Granted, I'm loving the skinny jeans fad, that is spot on! I remember a girl I liked who was beautiful... she came to class with a backwards cap and sweats... bleh

  • the ones with shiny bottoms don't leave marks. I have a pair like that but they can get slippery if its wet.

  • Why do guys wear skinny jeans?

    Why do mothers of little girls dress them up in short little skirts so you can see their diapers?

    Why do people in general like gold?

    ...yeah...it's just personal preferences.

    And I do agree that people should keep their stuff clean and coordinated.

    I only wear flip flops when I'm going to the beach, but I don't condemn those who choose to wear them casually.

  • Flip flops are disgusting and they are very bad for your feet. I don't know why anyone wears them, not just girls. Plus I live in a city, and see people wearing flip flops all the time in the summer. I don't understand it, because the city is so fucking dirty your feet will turn black from the dirt. Especially if you ride the subway.

  • Because they feel so comfortable and are so easy to wear and take off. When it`s pretty warm outside you can wear them or at the beach. No need to criticize, everyone likes wearing different things on their feet. At the end of the day, it`s their feet, they can wear whatever they like. Shoes make your feet more sweaty and stinky by the way as do trainers.

  • I hate those flip flops in the image...i would never wear those to leave the house...If I were going to wear flip flops id wear something cute and fancy like these... link

  • To show you have nice feet and also it may look stinky etc but the truth is that in the heat having Ur feet in a pair of shoes will make them smelly feet stink even more and help the cause Of athletics foot corns and all sorts

  • The only time I wear flip flops is around the house and after I've gotten out of the shower. I never wear them in public.

    • Thank you! Guys appreciate a classy girl...

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    • take a trip?

    • Hey.. How's Mayor Menino? Outta the hospital? :p

  • Flip flips are the best!! They're so much more freeing and comfortable than other shoes. They make your legs look longer by not cutting you off at your ankles and it helps to make sure your feet are tan in the summer. Your feet would get super sweaty if you wore socks and shoes all summer in the heat! They're also really easy when you're in a hurry to leave you can just slip them on and kick them off when you want and they go with pretty much anything.

  • Lol...don't come to Australia or NZ then QA. We all wear them. I guess we're unclassy, nasty, sweaty, stinky, yuck people huh?

    Btw...like the others have said...your feet don't get sweaty and therefore stinky, if they're out in the air, because they can breathe.

    • australians are the best, next to americans (biased opinion)

    • I'd have to disagree with you there Samoht. Kiwi's are better, then the Scots. :)

    • Scots! mmmmmmmm =D

  • i hate flip flops and high heels and all kinds of closed shoes (sport shoes) all I wear are sandals sandals sandals and ballet-pump style shoes, and about them looking dirty (sandals can look dirty too) once its dirty its not to be worn again.

    flip flops are cheap and ugly

    thats what I think

  • your feet get really hot in the summer in sneakers and stuff, I love flip flops...they are more comfy and they keep me cooler, usually when I wear reg. shoes I'm actually warmer...my eet actually don't sweat when I wear them and my feet don't stink...the downside is sometimes your feet get dirty and then some girls can't run in them, and they break easily. sure they aren't classy but they are better in the warm weather.

  • they are comfty

  • I've not worn flip-flops for years :) I always trip over when I wear them, and that, along with my uncoordination make a dangerous package so I just never wear them XD I don't see what's particularly wrong with others wearing them though :) If they like wearing them then they like wearing them I suppose :D

  • who has feet like that? I take care of mine when I do wear flipflops. Don't be all like people that wear flipflops are white trash that pisses me off when people say that. Living in florida its sometimes too godly hot to wear shoes

    • then don't look at feet gosh that settles your problem

    • It's hard not to when girls are always sliding their sweaty feet in and out. Quit wearing the stupid things.

    • who takes them off in public that is gross. I hate feet to the most extreme but seriously don't look at them.

  • Haha I don't just because my feet look bad in them. I prefer ballet flats :)

  • also most flip flops aren't that dirty as your link

  • to show off our toes (hopefully painted)

    cuz they cute

    they keep your feet cool not sweaty

    easy to slip on

    not as clunky as normal shoes

    go great with certain outfits

    wen its hot

    wen your at the beach and don't want sand in your shuz

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  • trash > class actually

    there are tons of guys who wear flip-flops as well

  • You should join my crusade against red leather boots instead, those are more annoying than flipflops. I have no problem with flipflops.

    • red leather boots? those are fashion disasters !

    • That's exactly what I mean.

  • Because it's about form follows function. You wear flip flops to a place where you plan on kicking off your shoes once you get there, like the pool or beach.

  • I am a guy and I wear flip flops bahahaha :).. get over yourself my friend.. open your eyes and live your life instead of worying about unneccessary sh*t like this.

  • Alot of what your saying here can be summed up with when you said: "But feet are nasty and they are sweaty and unclassy!"

    To me, it seems like you have a problem with feet in general first off...the opposite of a foot fetish. I guess a foot hatred, idk. Here in hot south Georgia everybody wears flip flops year round, guys and gals. And I actually like feet so I think they are sexy and cute. I like rubbing my girls feet when she gets off work and I happen to be at her house. And I have done that when they are sweaty/dirty etc. I just wash my hands when I'm done, no big deal. If I'm attracted to a girl and think she is beautiful, that means every part of her is beautiful to me. There is no such thing as an unsightly part of my girls body. Its all beautiful. And I will suck, lick, kiss, touch, any part of her from her head right down to her toes.

    Sorry if that's like nails on a chalkboard for you. Ha Ha.

  • Wow, people get really defensive about flip flops. That is a sad day. It's just flip flops people, love em or hate them, they're here to stay (at least for now). The OP has his own opinion and that's cool. Not sure why people are getting so inflamed and calling him a troll, but to each their own.

    • Thanks for defending me man.

  • Yeah flip flops are overdone these days. I agree with you and that most girls seem to be wearing some nasty ones as you said. Although I think they don't look all that bad, granted they have a decent looking pair.

  • Maybe they like the 'flip, flop' noise they make?

  • lol this dude successfully trolled 100 people...

  • Haha, you're kinda right in a way... but I still think flip-flops look nice on girls and it's their choice. No one says anything about a guy who wears sweaty and dirty sandals, so who should care if a girl wanted to do it?

  • Doesn't bother me if they do. Nothing wrong with being casual on a hot summer day. It's not like they're gonna wear them on their wedding day or anything

  • Because they have sweaty feet and want to get some air to them to stop them sweating and thus smelling vile...

  • How can you not like a girl in flip flops with shorts showing off their sexy legs or girls in bikinis at the pool with flip flops? I think it's sexy! :D

  • Cause guys are sweaty, stinky, and nasty. And the girls don't want to make us feel bad by looking SO much better than us..

  • they sell flip flops in other stores..not just white trash stores.

  • maybe they want to show off their painted toe nails?

  • Personally, for me, pretty, clean & manicured feet in flip-flops coupled with thin anklets are the sexiest sight on earth. Besides, feet in flip-flops are far less stinkier than those in full or partially closed shoes.

    • Thank you all. I am flattered to see 9 "likes" and I am excited that people who think like me exist. :)

  • FU dude, if you don't like women wearing flip flops, you shouldn't either. It's people like you who pollute beauty sex and romance with your odd theories. Forgive me but are you gay? Because as a guy, I have gay friends who say odd things like you do and I look at them a wonder about them and "their lifestyle" as well.

    If there is a chick in particular that is offending you, bring it to her attention, you will be doing her and yourself favor. Don't cry about it to the world because you 're just going to get negative answers feel even more low than your already are now.

  • first off. I'm a guy who likes to wear them. I find them comfortable so I wear them, regardless of how they look. I shouldn't care what you think of it and I simply dont. so don't insult me as a guy who wears them

    second off. girls who wear them do it for the exact same reason I do it. because theyre comfortable to them. regardless of what you think of them, so don't criticize what they wear, THEY WONT LIKE YOU. while I myself prefer women who wear heels. sandels and flip flops are just as good, I mean think about it, girls at the beach in bikinis wearing flip flops/sandels. it really can't get any better than that (other than heels heels with a bikini)

    • This question and your answer remind me of the whole sweatpants in public thing. Some guys think they're cute, while others like yourself don't. The QA doesn't like flip flops, but you do. Personally, I wear sweatpants to the library all the time, but I don't like flip flops. We all have our thing.

      On an unrelated note, is your picture denoting you as a coke head?

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    • Honestly, I died laughing at "other than heels with a bikini".. You got a thumbs up for that one, and your answer is dead on correct.

    • haha. yeah

  • Flip flops are extremely comfortable and there's nothing less classy about them than sneakers. Sure feet sweat, but they do it a lot less in sandals than in shoes. Just because you have some phobia of feet doesn't mean other people shouldn't dress how they like.

  • I pretty much always wear flip flops if I'm not working.

  • Hmmm legit question. All things aside to me its like nails on a chalkboard when I hear that maddening sound flippity flopping around.

    But I think it depends on the person. Some people actually give a damn and take proper care of their feet and flip flops. Others have crusty crocodile skin, odor, sweat, and visible dirt. yeah I feel you. Generally people wear them to prevent odor and sweat, and to be comfortable. But uh it can get out of hand in terms of where people where them and how they wear them... makes my skin crawl just thinking about that.

  • lmao keep feeding the troll girls he isn't interested in your opinions he just wants to crassly display his.

  • well I have a foot fetish and I love it when girls wear flip-flops

  • I don't know, but the slapping sound they make, truly pisses me off.

    • I agree and they can be worn WITHOUT making any of those sounds. It's all in how the end user walks in them and they can do it. They are worn by just about everyone here in Florida and 95% don't go around with the thwacking, slapping or flip flop sound when walking in them. I wear them and I have NEVER made that sound, not ever, walking in them. Those that do, annoy the hell out of me too!

  • why do girls like to wear makeup when they look great without it

    • Because some don't. :/

    • Actually, they do, they just convince themselves that they don't because they grow up seeing irrealistic ideals of "perfection" that they can't keep up to as a standard, but in reality, they'd all be beautiful already even if they didn't put all that crap on their face. In fact, I am always bothered by eyeshadow and mascara. It is a turn off, it scares me, I find it unattractive, it's just plain bad.

    • oh thank god someone agrees with me, nice to meet you meson

  • hi I'm a virgin. thank you.

  • They're comfortable... :\

  • Dude. If feet bother you that much-don't look at them.

  • I agree.

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