Why do girls like to wear flip flops so much?

It's unclassy and sometimes they just look so sweaty, stinky, and nasty. Why would you wear something like that? Sweaty, stinky, and yuck? Bleh.

And I find it funny how girls spend so much money making their sweaty feet look "pretty" but it still doesn't take away from the fact that they're takign their feet out and whiping their sweat all over the floor GROSS.
Girls are supposed to be class, not look like white trash!
Those who don't believe me, 7 out of 10 girls walk around with flip flops like these... link
Fine you can say your opinion I won't interrupt.
Girls deny that they get sweaty feet... You don't believe me, then seriously smell your frickin flops that you wear all day! Then tell us!


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  • I'll agree that flip flops don't look classy at all, and they make a horrible sound when you walk with them. But your feet are actually way less likely to smell with flip flops than if they've been trapped inside your socks and shoes on a hot summer day. They're nice to wear when it's really hot out and you want your feet to breath. And when I wear them I usually get the kind with the dark bottoms so they don't look all dirty and gross. Like these: link

    • They don't stink? Obviously not as badly as shoes but come on they look like they would...

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    • The sole.

    • Haha yeah all girls who don't think my phobia is rational...wear you flip flops all day tomorrow and smell them and get back to us. LOL

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  • Umm you're crazy. And probably have an issue with feet. Get over it. People have preferences and they're comfortable and practical for warm weather. I don't even know how people could agree with you.

  • Us girls, like to go out and get pedicures, and pretty colors painted on our toes. So after allll that, why would we throw those nicely groomed feet in a pair of gym shoes? I think if a girl has pretty feet, she should flaunt them.& flip-flops are the perfect way to show em off. I don't see too many girls, walking around with dirty feet & ugly flip flops..lol that's not cool. Maybe your surrounding yourself with the wrong kind of women! :o

  • Ok, so you don't like flip flops, and you seem to be disgusted by feet in general. No big deal. Most women do wear flip flops and some can be very stylish, some are beach flip flops nothing more.

    So, here is my solution. The next girl you date, make sure she doesn't have any feet. That will solve all your problems! NO FEET, NO FLIP FLOPS! No sweaty, stinky bleh! No problems!


  • The flip-flop ad right next to QA's question --> the irony is RICH.

  • Um, yeah I see just as many guys as girls wearing them especially when its warm. What's better, pretty manicured feet or hairy ass feet that clearly haven't seen the light of day or grooming since last August? (if ever) You need to take your reverse foot fetish out on someone else. I think white flip flops are disgusting but expensive leather flipflops are very nice.

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  • trash > class actually

    there are tons of guys who wear flip-flops as well

  • You should join my crusade against red leather boots instead, those are more annoying than flipflops. I have no problem with flipflops.

    • red leather boots? those are fashion disasters !

    • That's exactly what I mean.

  • Because it's about form follows function. You wear flip flops to a place where you plan on kicking off your shoes once you get there, like the pool or beach.

  • I am a guy and I wear flip flops bahahaha :).. get over yourself my friend.. open your eyes and live your life instead of worying about unneccessary sh*t like this.

  • Alot of what your saying here can be summed up with when you said: "But feet are nasty and they are sweaty and unclassy!"

    To me, it seems like you have a problem with feet in general first off...the opposite of a foot fetish. I guess a foot hatred, idk. Here in hot south Georgia everybody wears flip flops year round, guys and gals. And I actually like feet so I think they are sexy and cute. I like rubbing my girls feet when she gets off work and I happen to be at her house. And I have done that when they are sweaty/dirty etc. I just wash my hands when I'm done, no big deal. If I'm attracted to a girl and think she is beautiful, that means every part of her is beautiful to me. There is no such thing as an unsightly part of my girls body. Its all beautiful. And I will suck, lick, kiss, touch, any part of her from her head right down to her toes.

    Sorry if that's like nails on a chalkboard for you. Ha Ha.

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