Vintage style clothing: Hot or Not? Guys, what do you think?

I'm 18 and I'm a student but I still tend to dress a little classier. I wear skirts that have a high waist line with black tights (it's fall now), ruffles, pearls, bows, etc.

The colors I wear are mainly black, navy, and gray in the fall. Neutrals mostly. I like the vintage fashion, 40s/50s style of clothing but sometimes I'm not sure if I'm giving off the best vibes.

Sometimes I feel like the way I dress may portray me to be a bit of a snob. I really like this guy, but maybe the way I am dressing is making him not approach me (please see other questions about him). What do you think of when you see a girl dressed how I dress? Would you be less likely to talk to her? Or does it not matter what kind of clothes a girl is wearing? I would really appreciate all answers. Thanks!


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  • I think any girl who dresses the way she wants is sexy whether it's vintage fashion, preppy styles or whatever else she's into. I'm a guy who has been called an "old soul" and while I don't wear vintage clothing, I do put in more effort toward my clothes. To me, dressing the way you like shows you have self-esteem, and that's hot. For a guy who just wants you for sex, self-esteem is his worst enemy.

    But for a guy who wants a girl to love, self-esteem is hot and the fact that you aren't like every girl (many of whom, at your age, are immature and flaky) is attractive.


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  • I've always liked vintage clothes for everyone, actually. People shouldn't be so crazy over the latest styles...fads fade (for good reason)...appreciate the past!

  • I love that kind of clothing. It is definitely not the "style" right now which may be why some guy's don't like it. I guess it all depends on how you portray it. There is wearing that kind of clothing and looking like you just came off the set of happy days or wearing it and making it look fun and pretty. I think girls should wear more girly stuff and I really like girly girls.


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  • I think certain types of guys really like this style, such as indie or scene kids (I don't kow what else to call them). Sounds like you dress cute though I think as long as you dress in what flatters you your set

    • Thanks for the advice. I like the way I dress, but sometimes I'm not sure if the classic vintage style portrays the wrong image/personality. I don't want people to think I am a snobby person by the way I dress and not approach me, when they don't even know me yet. Thanks!

  • You should be able to wear whatever you want! It's your clothes, as for this boy, if you smile at him and look nice and cute, he'll approach you.

    I love vintage too, except I dress in hippie clothes, you know, hemp, tye dye, bright colors, fun patterns. I think having your own style is what makes you an individual.