Are guys attracted to girls with short hair who enjoy wearing vans and flannel?

My natural inclination is to dress kind of like a tomboy, but I feel like whenever I get dressed up really girly, suddenly boys notice me. Are they not into the whole skater girl look? Is it intimidating or come off as gay?


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  • I think that a woman that's a tomboy is most likely gay. I like the skater girl look on some girls but I prefer a girlie girl.


What Girls Said 1

  • I actually get more compliments when I dress the way you described than when I dress girlie.

    Last summer I had long blond hair and dressed in a very bright, preppy, girlie manner. Guys didn't notice me, though, because I looked like almost every other girl you saw.

    This winter I cut my hair short, dyed it red, and wore mostly skinny jeans and plaid flannel shirts. I would try to feminize it a little with cute boots and jewelry, and guys were suddenly coming up to me out of nowhere and striking up conversations with me.