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Eyebrows lighter or darker than hair color?

Should your eyebrows be slightly lighter or slightly darker than your hair color? What do you think?

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  • same or darker...i guess but it's not really a rule,i don't think I even notice eyebrow color,unless you're blond,then you should ALWAYS go darker

What Guys Said 2

  • Mine are the same color but I don't know if that is normal or not.

  • If your hairs blond it should be darker.But like my hair on my head is black, but my eyebrows are lighter.So I'm not really sure?

What Girls Said 13

  • Some peoples' eyebrows are slightly lighter than the hair on their head, but you can't really go wrong with your eyebrows being a little bit darker because it's more common.

  • depends on your hair colour. if you're blond, usually they have darker eyebrows. if you have dark hair, eyebrows can be the same or lighter colour sometimes.

  • I think same as your hair or darker. If they are lighter, there is a risk that your hair colour will look fake.

  • They should match as close to exactly as possible. I use a brow powder and that should be slightly lighter than your hair color if you can't find a perfect match. Hope this helps!

  • I'm gonna say darker. But I may be bias as I have platinum blond hair, but dark brown eyebrows. :X

  • The rule I've heard is if you are light haired go about 3 shades darker than your hair, and if your dark haired go 3 shades lighter :)

  • Always darker. If they're lighter it looks like you coloured your hair and forgot to do your eyebrows aswel...not a good look.

  • my eyebrows are a bit darker then my hair

  • Darker, definitely darker.I'm not saying be a blond and have black eyebrows, I'm saying if you're a blond have light brown eyebrows or dark blonde...it is more naturally to always have a bit darker eyebrows...they don't frame your face for no reason.

  • Usually its darker (slightly) for a natural look, though you always see girls with blond hair with darker brows..whether that's laziness to dye her brows as well or going for a more vintage look, depends on the girl and if they can pull it off. Mine are natural and they're alittle darker then my hair.

  • it should be darker than your hair

  • I have blond hair and my eyebrows are super dark brown...my hair will turn that color one day but in the mean time...I'm blond naturally and enjoy it lol I think it's normal if eye brows are darker but idk

  • darker.