Are tall girls intimidating?

I am 17 and 6'3. I remember a couple of my ex's telling me that they were scared to ask me out cause I'm "intimidating". Does it really bother you guys that much? I've always been self-conscious about my height...


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  • clearly not since guys have approached you :)


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  • No. I was around a bunch of tall girls today and it was pretty awesome. Sometimes I do wonder how more and more girls seem to be growing taller these days...maybe I just didn't notice it before.

  • Never seen a girl that tall. I'd imagine that it wouldn't make much of a difference, but I couldn't say for sure.

  • I don't think so but I am 6'5". I wouldn't find a tall girl the least bit intimidating. It is hard imagining having kids with a girl that is your height because our children would be like 6'8" or 6'9". That is freaking HUGE!

    • hahaha they wouldn't be that tall... My mom was 6'3 and my dad is 6'2 and now I'm 6'3. Well, my dad WAS 6'2. He shrunk >.>

    • Yeah I guess it depends... My dad is 6' and my mom is 5'10" and I'm 6'5"... My sister is like 5'7" though. Genetics are weird!

    • Haha yes they are. I have a great-grandfather that was like 5'5...

  • That's taller than me.

  • It shouldn't in theory but it does bother me. I'm 5'10"

  • 5 inches taller than me. I wouldn't date you. No offense.

    • Oops. I did my math wrong. 7 inches.

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    • It must be hard to find a guy. Most guys aren't even that tall.

    • Lol. My friends with benefits is an inch taller than me, my current boyfriend is an inch shorter and 3 of my ex's are all the same height. I also don't mind dating shorter guys so 3 of my ex's are all in the 5'6/5'7 range

  • Wow... Well I'm 20 and 165cm (5'5 perhaps?) and I'd be dreaming of dating a girl as tall as you are, but I doubt you will feel comfortable with a guy 25cm (10") shorter than you. After all you might feel awkward since I'm only as tall as your breast and i have to raise my head to look upon your shoulder lol

  • Wow, you should play basketball, or any sport for that matter

    • I have a heart disease.. marfan. Can't play sports :-/ Wish I could though

  • There's a ton of girls that height now days. You definitely aren't alone since most girls are almost 6' tall and girls keep getting taller.

    • Bull sh*t most girls aren't 6ft taller or taller.

      Where do you live?

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    • Well I just notice them more because they are really tall and it makes me feel bad for myself being a few inches shorter than them.

    • You shouldn't feel bad... lol. And girls are getting taller. There are a few girls in my school in the 6' range.

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