What color clothes do girls like on a guy?

I'm pretty light skinned with black hair and a slim build. I want to add flavor to my wardrobe.

Also, dress shirts, sweaters, t-shirts, hoodies, etc. would be nice additional info to add on too.


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  • NOTE: Your eye color is important to know in order to narrow this list down.

    GENERALLY, if you have dark hair but are very fair in tone:

    SHIRTS: Avoid white shirts (unless you're wearing one underneath a green/burgundy/red sweater. Dark blue, light blue, light green, grey/charcoal dress shirts are great. Pin-striped shirts with these colors (or a burgundy) would work well. If you're in t-shirt mode, anything but beige -- or those really thin white cotton tees.

    A fun T-shirt logo can be a good ice-breaker, but avoid anything vulgar.

    SWEATERS: Black, Grey/Charcoal, Navy, Forest Green, Burgundy sweaters/hoodies would generally work well with the shirts described. Primary colors usually work well with the dark hair HOWEVER (again), depending on your eye color, some colors will make your eyes "pop" and others won't.

    PANTS: Darker jeans or dark "stone washed" are best -- boot cut will emphasize your build without making your legs look "thin". Black/grey slacks.

    MATCHING: If you choose a print shirt, don't wear a print tie with it. It's tacky. Wear a solid tie and sweater. If you choose a solid color shirt, you can wear a print tie OR a print sweater (not both).


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  • I love dark purple, yellow, and turquoise on guys, bright colors too! and whatever type of clothing is good :)

  • Dark colors. Dark blues, greens, purples, mustard, red . . . but black also. =)

    And stay away from v-neck t-shirts! So gay... But v-neck sweaters with a plain white t-shirt underneath is very nice indeed... :)

    Hoodies - yes please.

    Usual jeans, cargo pants (long or just under the knee), army pants, link -these are nice, but should be a bit longer..., link -these are nice too, and these should be the tightest any man should ever wear. Skinny jeans are HORRIBLE on guys.

  • You need to have light blue dress shirts, and for a change up to that lilac is a beautiful color, esp. with your coloring. Also try a blue & white pin stripe shirt, it can dress up or down a suit or jacket depending on your tie. Royal blue is nice too. Slacks, black & tan are a must. And sweats: navy, yellow, not too bright, on the pale side. and maybe a tan one.

    That's a nice start.

    • OMG! That's what I wore today! A striped dress shirt, royal blue tie (solid color) like this:


      With a white belt, pinstripe black pants and black dress shoes. Haha...

  • since you have light skin, try dark colors.

  • hmm...dark reds, blues, greens. by dark red I mean burgundy, like this: link

  • anything.. as long as its not pink or purple or vnecked

    • LOl ! you wouldn't like me then , I wear a lot of those .. why don't you like them ?

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    • Fuuuuuck, I read 'King and a big 'LOL!' and thought that was me, and I was like, why the f*** did I say that? I don't wear anything of the sort! LOL!

    • lmfao I think I thougth the same thing at first

  • i like solid earthy clothes

  • Personally, I think it's better that clothes fit nice rather than color. But with that said, the combination of pink and khaki is beautiful. Especially if you have dark hair. With summer coming try a pink polo with khaki shorts. That's just me though!...


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  • You should stick to open-fronted shirts to suitably emphasize your belly-button lint.

  • Girls are going to hate the way I dress then after reading these repliesl. I like to wear a simple tshirt and jeans and be on my way... I already hate clothes as much as it is.

  • girls dig me when I wear my pink